January 5th, 2006

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I was wondering if anyone knew of any tutorials specifically for creating icons with cartoon subjects.
I find that cartoon icons are difficult to create effects on because of so much already bright colouring and such.
So if anyone knows of any tutorials, tips or sites when it comes to cartoon icons, it would be very much appreciated :)


Hello, I'm going to ask you a question which isn't a really icony question (sorry if it's all wrong) but here it goes.
I have been downloading some fonts from dafont.com but I've got no clue on how to put them in my Photoshop (ps cs). It says that it's not the right filetype.. :/ Can you clever people help me? Please =D
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Icon Question

I have a question to the people who use downloadable brushes created by other users, is there a way you can organize them? Sometimes I am doing a graphic and I want to put, for example, a certain quote, and I KNOW i downloaded it but I have like seriously over 100+ brush packs and I usually have to singally go through each and everyone to find it and it takes sooooo long. Is there a method you use to maybe organize your brushes so you can find them easier? Any help will be very much appreciated!!!

Achieving a Similar Effect to Stroke in PSP7

OK, I want to create a bulky outline effect around an image similar to PS's stroke effect. The only problem is that I have PSP7. I've search through the memories, and I did find some info relevant to my problem. However, I attempted what to do to achieve the stroke effect, but they were just too difficult for me to use in my version of PSP7. Anyway, does anyone know any easy methods of achieving this effect in PSP7, or perhaps easier methods that were created for other programs but may be easy to translate to PSP7? If not, does anyone know of any plugins that may assist me in attaining this effect?

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N00b Needs Help. ~

xD Yeah. You read right.

I'm sorry if I sound more like a n00b than I should, but how does this whole "layer" thing work? I don't understand it at all. If it isn't too much trouble, could somebody explain to me how it works, what it's for, and what layer to make for every condition? I have Adobe Photoshop CS version 8.0. Thanks a bunch for caring. x_x; <3

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Sparkly Jewelry Animation (PS CS & IR)

I posted this in my own graphics community but I thought maybe someone here might be interested.

I have my second tutorial for you all. A few people requested one for these icons and since it's really very simple, I was happy to make one. This is for Photoshop and ImageReady only. I'm sure you could translate to PSP and Animation Shop but since I've never used either program, I wouldn't know how if you asked. A basic knowledge of both programs is needed because I didn't have time to write it totally for beginners. I'm sorry about that but there are plenty of tutorials out there for beginners. However, if anything in this tutorial is unclear to you, please ask me and I'd be happy to explain further if I can.

I will take you through my personal base prep and animation techniques. We should end up with this icon:

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That's it! Please let me know what you think! I'd love to hear feedback and to see what you come up with. :)