January 6th, 2006

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I was wondering if anyone could help me.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com
(credit to powercorrupts)

I know how you use the brush used to make this icon. You fill a blank layer with white and then use the brush in black, and set it to screen. But for some reason mine never turn out like the icon above. Mine doesn't have the grey edges, and simply put, doesn't look as nice. Is there something extra that makes it look abit more, professional?

Thank you ♥

EDIT: I use PS7
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Help Please!! PSP 7

Hii, how are you?? =P

Well...Does anybody know how to go from this to this using PSP7?? Or something like this  ??

I mean de effect in the image...not the brushes and that stuff

PS: The icon of Willy Wonka was made by sylha , and the Angelina J. one is fromtears_of_lenore

Thanks!! And sorry if I made mistakes....English is not my first language xD.

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pattern placement

I have a question about patterns. I'm using a pattern for the background of my layout. Is there any way I can make photoshop tile in the pattern from the top left corner so my image map/header will match my background and not miss-align, or do I have to tile it in by hand. Photoshop must start it in the middle of the image or something because the top left corner of my image map doesn't match the background tile (seen here). I'm using Photoshop 6. The layout is on my journal (propaganda_live) if you'd like to see what I'm talking about, but I'm still working on it so it might go a little wonky.

EDT: I've since just tiled it in by hand to get things to align properly, but I'd still be interested if anyone knows how to tell photoshop where to start a pattern.
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I was browsing through the memories but failed to find my exact question, so if this isn't allowed or something, mods, feel free to delete this.

I'm a total icon-making newb. I'm trying to make a simple, three step Chuck Norris icon using ImageReady. I can save it as a photoshop (.psd) file but nothing else. So I saved it as such, and it was working fine. When I open it in photoshop or try to save it as anything else from photoshop, the animation doesn't work. It only works in ImageReady.

I have NO idea what I'm doing and I feel like an idiot that I can't get such a simple thing to work. Can anyone help me?
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While not an icon question, it is a software question...

My Photoshop has done something weird on me.

When the rectangular marquee tool is selected, I used to be able to hold down shift and it would draw me a perfect square selection. Now, it doesn't and I can't figure out where to fix it. Anyone got an idea!?
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for some reason when i open certain files up in photoshop (under GIF, PNG, JPEG) they're layer names say "index" instead of "backround" making it impossible to do anything with them. it makes no sense because i'll open up another file saved under any one of GIF, PNG, JPEG and it'll work. anyone know what's going on, and how to fix it? thanks!

i checked the memories and couldn't find anything, i'm sorry if i skipped over something ^_^;;
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Help with PSP8

I checked all the memories but I could find these two questions:

First: I put the brushes in my brush folder thing for PSP8 so when you click the paintbrush botton and you choose what style you want it to be, i have my brushes there but the problem is when I click on the style I want it(brush) and try to kinda of stamp it on my graphic it always rotates... for example like this:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

the one on the left it the one I stamped and the one on the right is the real version. I want the stamped one to be like the real one except the color. How do I fix it? and the part where it says rotation, i set it to 0.

Second: This question has probably asked before but how do I check if my images were hotlinked?

Thank you!
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Sorry for being a pain. But I've looked back in the memories and I can't find the eyeliner tutorial with Daniel Radcliffe. I think it was in December, but I'm not sure. So I don't know how to deep to look.

If anyone could help me, that'd be great! Thanks a bunch ♥

edit: Found. Thanks quratulain
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Sorry, I thought this question was asked in this community earlier, but I searched Memories and then went backwards in the posts for about a week, and couldn't find what I'm looking for, so here it is again:

I use Photobucket to store/host/share my icons, and according to my Account info, I am using 18.21 MB (36%) and my bandwidth usage for this month has already exceeded 100% (2500 MB). What is wrong? Is someone hotlinking my images based on these figures? If so, how do I find out who is hotlinking? (I know there's a site where you can figure out who's hotlinking, but I don't have the URL saved.)

Thanks in advance!

Uploading brushes in PSP7

Help! I can't upload brushes anymore!

I'm using PSP7. Normally when I go to upload a brush I click on the Paint brush, go to "custom", and a cool little option comes up that says "create". Suddenly, that option isn't working anymore. It's really faint and when I click on it nothing happens.

Any help would be appreciated. :P
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Allright, I'm just wondering, my photobucket account has been working fine so far but all of a sudden when I uploaded this banner I had made it converted it to a much smaller size. the banner itself was not over the 512kb limit, its way under. I just don't understand, I've uploaded things much bigger with bigger KB and its worked fine. What's going on?

cap not showing up

can someone please help me?
i'm trying to make my own screencaps in windows media player, because i read here somewhere that you could manage that.

anyhow, when i go to print screen it, and then paste it into whatever image program (it doesnt matter which, they all do it) everything BUT the screencap shows up.

here's an example:

can anyone tell me how to fix this?
thank so much in advance.

EDIT: i apologize if this post is kind of unrelated to icons. *blush*
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