January 8th, 2006

Image Map on Adobe Photoshop and Image Ready

Hello (good morning) everyone. This is my first post here but I’ve been with community for a long time. I owe many of you tutorial makers my icon life. If it wasn’t for me reading you tutorials and then doing step by step, plus my little twists, I wouldn’t be the arising icon maker that I am today. But I’ve used you so many times before I still need to use you once more. Do not send me to FAQ because I’m one step ahead of you on that and I found nothing.
Every now and then I’ll see and header tutorial or a header question so this is my question. I am desperately trying to teach myself how to do image maps on Adobe Photoshop and Image Ready, but I am getting too confused and frustrated.
An image map, to the best of my knowledge can be shown as an example here: http://www.livejournal.com/community/v4g/
See how the links seem to be the little hearts, well I have a completely different header and I wanted to make different types of words links like this example header.
So my question is how can I create my own image map on Adobe Photoshop and Image Ready. If it’s too long to explain could you post some links that could help me?
I’m sorry if this question falls under “What icon_tutorial is NOT: A place to ask for help with LiveJournal or website layouts or HTML”, but this header although I will need the HTML code that I will get from the image map isn’t for a rating community. It more like personal knowledge. I feel really lost in this whole area and would really appreciate some kind of starting point at least. But still sorry if this question is appropriate for this community.
Thank you so much for your time everyone. Keep up the good work.
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I have a PSP7 question...

when I am using the program and want to use a gradient on a picture and try to look thur the ones I have installed, it only lets me scroll down a few of them before a box pops up, telling me that a problem has occured and psp has to shut down. the only time it does this is when I am trying to use a gradient (I use them a lot and this is really annoying and limiting me in the program) any one have any idea why it would do that? or how I can fix it?
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A gradient question (in PS 7)

I like to add gradients to my icon by going to Layers > New Layer, and then taking the gradient tool from the toolbar, drawing a line across the icon, and the icon will be transparent underneath the gradient. Then I like setting the gradient to softlight.

However, I'm working on a different computer right now, and the Photoshop 7 on this computer, and when I put the gradient on top, it is a "solid" gradient (i.e. the icon underneath the layer does not show through). I don't like how strong the gradient even after setting it to softlight. How do I make the gradient translucent again? (i.e. when I pick my gradient, it's not a solid bar of color, but it has some checkered boxes, showing that it is transparent...) I don't know if that makes sense. I tried looking under tool presets, and I can't find anything.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Problem solved :)


I'm having a problem importing gradients on PSP 7. I download the .grd image and then use winzip to extract it to the gradients folder, but when I go to import it, nothing is there to import. I haven't been able to find anything on this in the memories or other communities. Help is greatly appriciated. Thank you.
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hi. i have looked through the mems but cannot find anything useful. i am desperate.
i just got Gimp, and am trying to work out how to make an animation where te picture changes every few second, like this:

title or description

by soniced_up

i also dont know how to copy and paste on gimp. if anyone could help, i would be sooo grateful!
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Poor image quality from PowerDVD caps

Recently snagged a copy of PowerDVD from my cousin. My version, that came with our Dell computer, didn't have the capture capability.

Now I have the capture feature, but the screencaps come out pretty grainy. I was wondering if anyone knew a way to get better quality caps? I'm not sure which version of PowerDVD I have now, and I've looked around but can't find anything to indicate which version I have.

Any help is much appreciated! Once I resize the images for icons, they're not too bad, but they're not that great either. :\
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Question about brush sizes - PSP

I don't know if I'm doing something wrong (or something is set wrong), but when I download brushes/image packs for PSP, it won't let me have anything over 255x255 and I've been finding some *beautiful* brushes that are over that limit. Is there some way that I can get PSP to let me download/create brushes that are larger than 255x255 pixels?