January 11th, 2006

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PSP9 Noise Removal Tutorial

Hey there, this is my first tutorial, and I decided to create one about the Digital Camera Noise Removal feature in PSP9, this might also work for PSPX, but I'm not sure.

This tool is the most helpful tool ever.

It's a great help to everyone out there who works with screencaps or digital pictures. I couldn't live without it.

Go from this to this to this:

The tut is at my graphics journal

Thanks! :)
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Hi newibe here I have a question

Hi,I've going to this community bord everyday, and I love it! it help's learn new ideas, I have paintshop pro 8, just to let everybody know lol
anyways I can't seemed to figure out, how to exactly make a 100x100 I cropp it but I just can't get whole picture, to 100x100, I even tpy it into the resize and still doesn't, it just stay's the same, and I tpyed, width and height to 100x100, and all it comes out to be is, a small square, then I have to strech it out, then it's not 100x100 does anyone have this problem, or can request and easyer way to make a 100x100, with whole picture inculded? thanks
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rounded borders in PS

Okay. so i checked two entries in the memories on rounded edges and i know what i'm supposed to do. However, I need the rounded rectangular marquee tool. for some reason, in my adobe photoshop 6, i don't have it. does it not come with it or is it somewhere else. i right clicked the marquee thing and others show up, but nothing that says rounded =\. i hope someone can help me with this. thank you.
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color problems

i've been having some trouble brightening up dark icons

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

without them losing their color. to brighten up an image i usually duplicate the layer and set the it to screen and desaturate it because it ends up being too bright. i've been through the memories but just ended up getting pretty lost. any help would be very much appreciated!

EDIT i have photoshop 7.0
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(no subject)

I don't know how to use gradients while icon making. Help!
You know, setting them as a new layer and stuff.

EDIT: i'm using PSP8
and I am using the image gradients.. not the actual ones from the menu.

thanks!! :D
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(no subject)

I was wondering if anybody could help me locate a tutorial.
I've been hunting for about an hour now, I never saved it to my memories when I first saw it, for some reason or another, but anyway:

The tutorial featured a black and white image, with one orange stripe, and one blue one, set to hard light.
possibly not the best description, but its all I remember :(

any help would be greatly appreciated :)

ETA: Found, thanks myrasis!
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rain splatters?

I was thinking... there's this rain animation.. and how do i throw splatters on the rain? It looks as if the rain hits a glass plane and splash around a bit...

i hope i even make sense XD

I use photoshop cs and imageready.