January 13th, 2006

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"Eye" question

Maybe this's been asked countless times, but I searched in the archive, and couldn't find something on eyes. There's this effect, on the icon by iconoclastics Image hosted by Photobucket.com, which I don't know how to recreate. I'm okay with the black and whiteness, but how to make the eyes look so dashing blue? Is it just painting over the eyes area or something? Every time I try someting, it turns out very wrong. I'm using Photoshop CS. Could someone please point me in the right direction?
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Header Tutorial-Adding color to a black/white image and using blend modes and texture.

This tutorial is for Photoshop and will cover colorizing a black and white image and then making it into a header. It's super easy but the colorizing section takes a little time and patience. I only use Photoshop and so I don't know for sure but this can probably be applied to other programs because it's pretty basic. Colorizations can seem intimidating but they aren't really. It's all about using your layers and playing around with blending modes! For this tutorial, we are going to start with this picture of the amazing Kate Winslet. This is what we'll end up with;
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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See, not so bad! Let me know what you think and if you have any problems following the tutorial. And I'd love to see if you come up with anything!

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sorry if this is the wrong place )=

okay this is two things:

a) i dont know if this is the right place for it but, whats a LIM??

b)if this ISNT the right place to ask that question, does anyone have any good suggestions for communities where i can ask questions like that??
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(no subject)

Hi. Long time member but first time poster here. I have a laptop and adobe photoshop 7 but for some reason it won't load in .abr files. I know they're right type of abr files for my version of photoshop too.

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(no subject)

i duno. am i aloud to ask this here?

i dont know if its even a question coz i dont really know how to explain it...but like do you see on these icons..like the font is sorta like see through? does that make any sense?

  both icons made by tskinoo

like they are see through...clearish i guess...if this makes sense and if anyone understands what the heck i am asking can you explain to me how to get the font to look "clear" like that.

sorry if im not making any sense..i just dont know how to explain my question :-/

kelly monaco

(no subject)

ok i know there was a tutorial about makingyour own texutres.. in the tutorial i wanted, u had to blur a picture to make a texture of it.. can you lead me to it

thanks in advance!