January 14th, 2006

  • michl87

Format Problems

I save all of my icons as .png and upload them as such. However, when I post them in communities, other people are saying that they are .bmp. I am really confused, because I know that they are not .bmp on my computer. How can I fix this?

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(no subject)

Hiya! I couldn't find a good tutorial to get color effects like these, which I have absolutely fallen in love with! Could anyone be so kind to provide any comments, tips and tricks? I'd greatly appreciate it! Thank you sooo much!


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(no subject)

Id appreciate some help :).I cant seem to understand photoshop no matter what i do (and believe me i have been trying for months)
Can someone please tell me how to get the white effect on the following icon? i am sure its something really easy but its escaping me!

by killprettyx

thanks for any help.
canaries and crows

(no subject)

I'm trying to find a tutorial that was posted here a while ago,it was for a header and using this texture and on the left hand side down the bottom it had a picture inside of a poloroid brush.There was another picture on the right hand side that took up about half of the space i think.

I suck at describing sorry im just going on what i can remember but if anyone knows what i'm talking about then thanx!♥

found,thank you leithalia/gloominess!♥
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Poloroid brushes

I am new to making icons and I really want to make one with a poloroid brush. I am so confused how to put the image in the brush. Can someone who is tolerate of new beginners help me!!! I would appreciate it!



I have absolutly no idea how to screencap images in realplayer or windows media player, and I'd love it if someone told me how. n_n;

THanks in advance~

*searched through archive but found nothing* ;;