January 17th, 2006

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Size question...

Hi...I've been using a really simple coloring technique (base, sharpen, duplicate, screen 30%, duplicate original, desaturate soft light 100%, duplicate original, soft light 100%) but for some reason all of my icons come out being too large in size to upload.

I've cropped all of the layers and I've tried merging...I just can't wrap my head around it. This is the first time using this techinique, and it's only four layers or so.

Does anyone have any way of getting the icon to fit the LJ size limits without sacrificing the quality?

Collapse )

I'm using Photoshop CS, if that helps any.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: The icon is saved as a .jpg file.
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Help with Polaroid Masks

Hi, I'm fairly new to icon making, usually looking through the tutorials here and experimenting on my own. I got some polaroid brushes and got all excited about using them, but I don't know how I can use them properly. Can anyone give me some tips? (Pictures showing how would be extremely helpful! ^_^ )

Thank you in advance!
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PSP 10: Creating Fonts for Text Brushes

I have a 30-day trial for PSP 10, and I'm trying to add text to my icon. However, the problem is PSP 10 doesn't offer the fonts I'd like to use (Edwardian Script IT, Kartika, Frosty, Book Antiqua). Another minor technicality is Microsoft Word was erased from my drive by accident so I only have NotePad and WordPad, and neither have the fonts I want to use (or similar fonts). My dad has these fonts on his computer, but when I tryed e-mailing the text to MY computer, it all appeared in an Arial-like font. Hope all that made sense.

My question is, how do I add fonts to PSP? Or is that even what I need to do? I'm not sure what a Preset is, but would I need to use one?

I'd like to use the fonts for graphics other than icons. Please help!


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(no subject)

Hey everyone.
I have a Mac and use Image Ready/PS7. What I'm trying to do is open a quicktime video in IR to make an icon similar to this;

Credit: rockthesoul_05

but after selecting the portion of the video I want to use, IR only opens the first frame of the video, whether I selected it or not. I'm not quite sure what I'm doing wrong. Does anyone know how I can open the video so that it shows all of the frames from my selection?

I can try to take a picture of the problem if that will help..

Thank you to anyone who can help me :)
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importing mini-movies

Hello Everyone. 8-)

I've got a simpel and I guesse a bid dumm question but I can;t seem to get it right.
I've just installed 'flash' witch is great to 'copy' little pieces out of a movie, and putting it into Imange Ready. Only I have one problem, everything goes wonderfull, untill I get at the saving part. My computer won't save the avatar with mimi movie. Any suggentions how I can save it anyway?
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(no subject)

Hi. Does anyone have any brushes that have a heart on them? Like this possibly:

I have PS 8, btw.

Also, how do you make shapes like these ones in the corner of this icon ^ ? I've tried making them with a paint brush, but they always turn out so uneven.

Thanks. :)

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(no subject)

this is probably a really stupid question...and possibly this isn't the right place to ask it...BUT...how do you DELETE brushes from PSP? I have several that I'm just tired of looking at...haha...and I don't know how to get rid of them.
Any help would be appreciated!

**Edit: I figured it out...I just had a stupid moment. THanks anyway.

Program best used to animate?

OKAY, so hello everyone! :) I really want to make some animated icons. So I come to you with a question:

What program do you use to animate your icons?

Or a question that better answers what I want to know; which one is best?

~Much thanks!

EDIT: Thanks a lot everyone! Your comments are very helpful. :) You can keep commenting if you want, but my decision is made. I'll probably use Jasc Animation Shop for a while and explore the others once I get the basics down.

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I know this is probably in the archives somewhere, but I can't find it. Does anyone know how to make an icon sparkle. Like I want a pair of shoes to sparkle like Dorothy's in the wizard of Oz. Does that make any sense?

I use Photoshop 7 and Imageready so if anyone could help me that'd rock.
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