January 18th, 2006

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how do you make this in paint shop pro?
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by iicon.

I'm referring to the "chalk"-like blocks of whiteness. is that a default brush or a preset? how can you do that to your own icons? sorry for the newbie questions ^^
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I'm new here and I've got a question. I use Adobe Photoshop CS and I have absolutely no idea how to use/save brushes. Can any of you help me out with that? I'd love you forever...thanks.
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claire danes

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This is going to sound like a really stupid question, but I can't seem to get textures to work in PSP7. I looked up downloading AND textures in the archives and couldn't find anything.

After I've downloaded them and the folder pops up with all of the files, what do I do from there, and how do I use them in PSP?

Thank you!!
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I've made a mini-movie icon, but the clip automatically went to the top left corner and I can't figure out how to move it without moving every frame individually. Is there a way to move the clip as a whole?

EDIT-Forgot to mention, I use PS7 and IR

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sorry about this but i saw a post a while ago and wanted to know who was it by and where is it? cos i need the instructions again. ive looked everywhere but seem to  be looking in thw wrong places??  it was a photo of a girl and the tutorial was about making the icon look like a  ripped photo. help??
these are the brushes/base thingies from it.


brush size on the fritz... again.

I posted this at an earlier time, January seventh, to be specific, got one suggestion, thought the problem was fixed, but it wasn't.

The suggestion that was made to me worked once or twice, then stopped working. I checked and apparently this problem is not only for the brush tool but also for anything that requires shape, size, and such (smudge, blur, clone stamp, all of it).

I'm so frustrated! I have deadlines! Some of which I've already neglected! YARG!

Pleeease help!

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AS3 problem

i have aproblem with my AS3.
after i'm finished with a graphic, i'll save it, and it will just fly through all that other stuff really really fast, and just save the image.
it wont let me see what it will look like when it's saved, alter how many colors are used, none of that stuff that alters the quality of the image. so sometimes things come out looking nice, and sometimes things just look like crap and there's no way i can mess around to fix them.
i just put in what i want the name to be, click save, and then foom! all gone.. all done..

i don't know if it's something i did, or maybe my sister. :\
any ideas?
by mirkwoodforest

Locked layers

I've had a problem with a screencap I was given for an icon-making contest - I've tried to use the move tool to either put another picture on top of it, or add it to another picture, yet I keep getting a message saying the layer is locked - is there any way I can undo this? I've fiddled about a bit, but with no luck.

Thanks in advance, and I apologise if this has been asked/answered before!