January 19th, 2006

  • ouxch

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I want to make an icon with an image black/white and sketchy like that.

I'm not doing the icon on Perez but the image is a good example.

How would I do that?

things to do today

ie: bounce-in icons tutorial for photoshop & imageready not psp

i'd love to see a tutorial for the bounce-in icon, for Photoshop & Imageready.. at home, i think of ps9, at school i believe it's ps cs ..all the tutorial's i've found for the bounce-in icon, have been for psp, not photoshop.. o.O ..if there are any out there, which i've missed, could someone kindly point me in the right direction?? thanks!!

an example, of what i'm looking for in a tutorial: Image hosted by Photobucket.com (someone made this for me)
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  • lanitha

Matching colours/preferences?

I work with Photoshop7.

The background colour of my current layout is #C4B3A1, or at least that's what this tool tells me. While I was making a graphic to blend in with the background, I noticed that the Hex code as mentioned before generates a different colour in PS7. This leads me to believe that either the tool has a problem, that I need to change my color preferences in PS7 or that I have to save the graphic in a different way (format).

Any ideas?

[SG-1] The 4 of Us

(no subject)

Looking for a tutorial, I've searched the mems and used the search function but I cannot find this tutorial I'm looking for. It was for brightening up a base, in PSP9 (I think). It used an Dumbledore screencap, he was in a blue hat and the pic was already cropped. It used the curves feature, and something else as well, screen I think, but I've tried to do it myself and cannot get the setting right, I'd appreciate any help finding this tutorial.Thank You. Found it thank you so much morningstar4
  • jiruhai

border brushes

I know this is probably one of the vaguest questions in the world, but I would really like to know how to do this.

How do you add those border brushes to the image? Like .
Whenever I copy/paste it into a new document and set it as a brush, it only fills the inside, the oppisite part of what I want. I've been doing the whole select inverse thing, but I was wondering if there was an easier way.

(Brush from this tutorial.)
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hi mikey

(no subject)

I'm new to making icons, and I was just wondering is someone could tell me or link me to a tutorial on this technique:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com (icon made by angels_requiem)

The text moves and is all blurry, but the rest of the icon stays still. I looked through the memories but couldn't find anything on how to do that. I will be super grateful for any help. I use psp8 and animation shop 3.