January 20th, 2006

Text Help Please

Hey Icon peoples.
I need some texy help please. Im using PS8. When i put text on icons, it seems to look blurry ? Anyone know how to fix this?
This is one i made= Blurry
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
And this is one made by gakka not blurry
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
i know they are different fonts.. but still mine is really blurry. help is very much appreciated.
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cate ars

help a girl out!

i looked through the tuts and i found one that kinda helped me...

i'm trying to make a minimovie icon usuing Photospop CS2 and Image Ready

i have the base and animationn done...but i can't get them together nicely (or at all for that matter)

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(no subject)

im really sorry to do this but it's bugging the hell outta me

twice i've opened up photoshop and it's asked me if i want to customise my colour settings so obviously i click no and then it brings up the welcome screen (which i have turned off) when i go to use my brushes i've downloaded and installed theyve all gone!

the standard ones are still there but the custom ones just disappear and i dont know why or how to fix it (as ive had most of them since i got this laptop nearly a year ago and so cant get them back)

i use an iBook G4 running OSX 10.3.9 and Photoshop CS

any help would be wonderful (as im kinda in the middle of a challenge in episodic100) like i said im really sorry, when i get it working again i swear to make a tutorial one day
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Brushes and borders

I have been having trouble using brushes in PS 7. I load the brushes and they are there exactly as they should be. However, when I select the brush and go to use it on an icon it doesn't show up at all. I tried to put it in a different layer, and all I realised was the brush took on the background image which was why I couldn't see the brush I had used.
I don't understand why this is happening because I have followed people's instructions with opening brushes to a 't' and it still isn't working.

Please help, I'm getting very frustrated.
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glassy effect

I don't think I saw a tutorial like this in the memories. If there is one, very very sorry and please point me in the right direction!

I need to know how to make an image look like it's behind glass, kinda like some of the snowglobe animations I see, without the use of premade picture tubes or whatever. I want to be able to create it mysel fto work with whatever shape I desire. I use PSP9, but I'm sure I could easily translate a tutorial from most other programs. Thanks!
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I have a question. I asked one of these awhile ago but i wasn't able to log on about a few days after i posted and my entry was gone. I was wondering does anyone know a simpler way of organizing brushes to find them? Because I have like 100 different brushes and sometimes I KNOW i downloaded a certain brush but I have so many brushes and then I have to go through each and everyone one and they take FOREVER! I was wondering is there a simpleier way of organizing brushes??? How do YOU organize your brushes?

Also basically the same thing for tutorials, how do YOU organize tutorials?? (Cuz I have like a bajillion lol)

Any tips or tricks in organizing I will appreciate very much!! :)

Brushes disappeared...

Arg. I know this was posted last month or something, but I cannot find it! Even in the memories.

I opened up PS CS2 today and all my loaded brushes have disappeared. I still have them saved in the actual preset-->brushes folder so I could very well reload them, but what happened to them? And is there any way to re load them without doing it one brush pack at a time? Like did I accidentally push something? So sorry, cuz I know this has been asked.

p.s. All my defaults are there. It's just my custom brushes or the ones that I've downloaded that are gone.
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(no subject)

Two questions:

1) In PSP8, I use the font AlphaMack AOE. Sometimes- not always- when I try to resize it, PSP simply closes. Anyone know why?

2) Also, how do I take a screenshot of something in my PSP workstation, such as Curves?

Thanks. :)
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