January 21st, 2006

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I'm trying to cut the corners off my icons so they look somewhat like octagons, but I have no idea how to do it. Is a brush required? Does anyone know where I can find this elusive brush/make one of my own? I use PS 7, by the way. Just for clarification, I would like to actually erase the corners, not just paint them black (if that makes sense).

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Haha, solved my own question. I went from this: Elpicturo1 to this: picture2

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I looked, I promise.

Will someone please point me in the direction of anything that explains what "tweening" is and how to use it? I have photoshopcs2 and image ready, I think o_O. Thanks.

Edit: Thanks yo - I got it
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Hi my name is Courtney. I didn't want to bog down your journal wiht a bunch of questions. I have put them in my journal http://yourwinter0319.livejournal.com/ if you would kindly look at it I would appreciate it! Thank you so much! I have looked through your archives again and again. I am still looking as we speak. I have read your rules and I don't think I am breaking them.

Got It.

Help! I'm using Adobe Photoshop:CS.

As I was about to use a brush, my kitten jumped on my keyboard, and the brush doesn't show before I want to use it. Just a crosshair shows. Anyone know what my kitten stepped on so I can correct this? I'm sorry this question is so vague.

EDIT: She stepped on the CAPS Lock button. I'll leave this up in case anyone else has this problem, unless the mod[s] want me to delete this.

Icon Help

Hey everybody!

I don't usually post in this community. I usually just lurk around with commenting & such.

I finally have a question for you guys. I couldn't find this in the memories, and I actually looked. Perhaps I missed it.

My question for you guys is, how do I make this kind of icon: by defeated, for Photoshop 6.0?

Sorry if this in the memories.

Any help would be appreciated!
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brush question

Is there a shortcut to rotating a brush (before applying it)? I don't want to rotate a layer and am wondering if there's a quicker way to doing this besides opening the brush pallette and rotating the brush tip. I use PS7. Thanks!
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I checked the memories...or, well, tried to, and couldn't find this...

I was making an icon, and when I went to use a brush it wouldn't work. I tried a couple more, but it seems to be a problem with the brushes in general, and I don't know what.

When I try to use them it says "could not use the history brush because the current canvas size does not match that of the history state". I'm new to PS (CS2) and have no clue what that means.


ETA: Or, *groan* Y'know, I could me a MORON and have clicked the wrong brush.
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Mini Movie Icons

Okay, I have tried to look in the memories for a tutorial on this but the memories section is down so I am going to try asking. So, I know how to make a mini movie icon when I already have the movie clip but now that I have a DVD player I was told I could make them with movies I have. I was wondering if anyone knew how to do this? I use Jasc animation to make the icons. Any help would be wonderful!
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PSP9 Text question.

I use PSP9 and when I type text there's a big gap between one line and the next, this is the default setting I believe, I'd like to set it so that I don't have to keep creating a new vector layer and typing underneath the line as close as I want. I believe it's called leading? If it goes into minus numbers it goes above the first line of text and if it moves to 1.000 it's too far below the line. I know I've not explained this very well. As far as I'm aware its not in the memories, is there anyone who can tell me what setting I should use to end up with a normal sized gap? Thank You very much to those who helped. I've got it sorted now, thank you.
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soft glow?

Okay this icon:

 Made by bunbury_

What do you think she did to get that? Like just soft glow maybe? And if you think she did use soft glow, can you please tell me how to get soft glow? I mean so I guess I have two questions then.

1. How to get the icon to look like that

2. How to get soft glow

is that alright with you

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I had a question about Image Ready (yes, I looked through the memories). I'm having trouble saving my animation.

Do the images you start with have to be in .gif format? Because I had originally saved my images as .png, and the animation will only save as .png (which ends up being no animation at all...