January 22nd, 2006

Sailor Moon: Chibi moon

Looking For Two Tutorials :)

Hey again. I'm looking for two specific tutorials.

was the icon I made using the first one. The original's focus was John Lennon.

was the icon I made using the second one. The original's Focus was I believe Tidus or some Final Fantasy character.

It would be a great help if anyone knows who made both of them and direct me to the right location.

Question: Color Adjustment

I know someone did a tutorial or had a link to one a few months ago for fixing Veronica Mars flashback coloring. Spesficly ones that are green like the picture under the cut.

I looked in the memories and I can't seem to find the tutorial, is there anyone who can help or has a link?

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I have PSP 7 as well as PS CS2. The simpler the tutorial the better as I'm still teaching myself PS.

Thanks again.
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(no subject)

I have a few questions about making screencaps, which I hope isn't too off topic for this community, as I've seen things asked before. I use WinDVD4 and BSplayer.

I've capped in the past, but it has never been entire episodes, just scenes I wanted to use for making icons or other graphics. I know the basics of capping, and I've read the information in the memories about capping. I guess my questions go to those of you who frequently cap entire movies or episodes from tv shows.

1. How long does it usually take you to cap, say an hour long tv show.
2. What is the standard number of caps usually taken for a show of the same length.
3. When using either of the programs I mentioned above, what is your favourite way of capping?
4. If you use WinDVD4, how many "steps" do you usually take between caps?

I recently purchased DVDs that I haven't found many good quality caps for online, so I'm considering capping the episodes myself, hence all of the questions. Thank you for your help.
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(no subject)

Hello ladies and Gentlemen ! today were making this :
Image hosting by Photobucket

I'm using Photoshop CS but I think that you can translate it into different programs=) the tut's a bit hard if you're totaly new to it all but if you really try you should manage it =)
Good luck
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(no subject)

Hey all,
I'm fairly new here but i have a question. :)
I  absolutely love the way the text is done in this icon. It's 3D, bubbled... do you have any idea how to make text look like this in the icon made by saricas_mommy?


Any help is appreciated, thanks! :)
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If you could help it would be appreciated

So I tried to look in the archive but it said the memory feature was down, so I hope it's okay to ask this.
I'm trying to make a series of pictures into silhouettes and I had a few ideas of how to do it but none of them worked so I was wondering if anyone could either tell me how or point me in the direction of a tutorial.
Thank you
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DDR arrows


I was just wondering... how do you do that DDR effect in Photoshop and Imageready?
You know, the arrows scrowling up the screen?
I don't have any examples atm but I can find some if needed...

Thanks in advance.