January 23rd, 2006

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I have a question. Whenever I use any text on PS7 it turns out all pixely and looks like crap. Like this:

Now, I know it's not my computer because when I type something up in Paint it turns out fine and smooth:

Does anyone know what is causing this and what I can do to reverse it? It does this to all fonts, even when they're in a smaller size (-ish. Some look better in a smaller size, but it still doesn't look the best).

Thanks in advance.
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A technical question

I have PSP9 and its currently installed on my laptop, however this is dying and so I've got another, I wanted to know if its possible for me to install PSP9 onto the new laptop,so I can transfer things over to it, whilst it's still installed on the old laptop? I know some software doesn't let you install it on two different computers. I just don't want to install PSP9 on my new laptop and find out I've lost everything PSP related on the old one, and it'd be so much easier to transfer things to if PSP9 and all its folders were all ready on the new laptop. Any help is appreciated. If this is not allowed I will delete. Thank to darkgreenfaerie
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quick question

I think I know how this is done, but for this icon by gaueko_izar, how did she get the text transparent? Lower the opacity and drop a shadow? I wasn't sure if you could lower the opacity with text. Working in PS7; thanks for the help. Icon:

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I can't find this anywhere on the internet - can someone help me make an animated icon in Macromedia Fireworks? Is that even possible? Nothing fancy, just the kind that goes from one picture to the next without any effects.
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Help with animation

I have the program Animation Shop 3 (linked to PaintShop Pro 7) And I have saved my file as a .Gif file, but when I try to upload it to Photobucket.com, In the thumbnail it will show the animation, but the animation WILL NOT SHOW UP when you go to view the picture OR when you use the Url, Img, or any other tags.

Can anybody help me?
Thanks, ~Josie xoxo
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Scrolling filmstrip?

Hi, I have a question... hopefully it will be quite easy to answer. I'm trying to do something similar to this tutorial (the scrolling filmstrip thing) but I would like to know if anyone has a tutorial for Animation Shop 3/PSP 8 rather than Photoshop and Imageready.

Example by staplerinjelle if you're too lazy to click!

If anyone could translate it into AS3 & PSP8 for me, I'd be forever grateful as it's part of my art project!

Many thanks in advance :)
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all maiuscoline!

I really need help with this... everything I write in ps cs2 v.9.0 comes out like this ALL MAIUSCOLINE but I don't have the cap lock on... can somebody tell me why or how I can fix this? It's not a specific font that makes me this... all fonts... even Arial or Times New Roman... on the layer it's written right but on the wallpaper it's cap locked.... I've already tried to restart my pc but it didn't work...

Mini Movie Help. PS/IR

Okay, I've been looking all day, and I haven't had any luck..so I figured that before I got to frustrated and decided to quit, I should come here.

Now, I have been wondering for a long time how to make a mini-movie inside an icon..now, I know there are a few of these in the archives..but nothing that really helped me. There was this tutorial, but the pictures didn't work.

I was just wondering if anyone had any links to mini-movie tutorials, or could explain it in pretty good detail. I use PS and IS, by the way. =D