January 24th, 2006

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I need help with two things.

1. I want to make an effect on the tear
I know I see somewhere a tutorial, but can't find it anymore.

2. I'm thrying to make a Animation icon, but everytime I paste something all frames are with the same picture. What I'm doing wrong?

Can someone help me please?
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This is probably a really irritating question. BUT, my bookmarks got deleted and I can't find the BIG list of tutorials. I admit it's probably because it's late and I'm frazzled. Help?

Retro Colouring

My parents spent their twenties being hip in the 70's, and all of their photos have this great warmth about them, like the sun is always shining across them. Same with films of the era as well, it's a distinct and recognisable yellow-orange texture. Right, let's get to it!

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I know there are a ton of these already, but I made this tutorial for several people that were having cropping issues on Photoshop.

Mini tutorial on cropping in Photoshop CS2. Easily transferable to other versions. Beginner friendly.

cropping tutorial
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Photoshop 7 Technical Problem

I've just checked the memories, but there really wasn't anything in there that would help me, so I'm hoping someone out there will be able to figure out what's going on.

I've been trying to open up photoshop 7, and it starts loading up until it says 'initializing', and then it just closes all of a sudden. Happens like that every time. So, in short, it won't open. Anyone know why it's doing that? Maybe because of my RAM? I know nothing about computers though, so I don't know how to check that. Any help is appreciated!
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Rain effect

Hello :) I'm hoping someone can help me...and I'm not entirely blind and just missed this in the Memories :P

But I'm looking for a tutorial on how to make an animated icon where it looks like it's raining. I found this tutorial once, and haven't been able to relocate it :P The icon the tutorial author used as an example featured Clem of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
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I've looked in them memories and on various photoshop FAQ's and I'm at a lost :( my retangular marquee tool is acting up. When I hold down shift (to make it square) it doesn't go square... when I try to drag it, it selects new areas. Very frusterating :( any ideas?
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Hi, I’m pretty new to photoshop CS and I can’t seem to find the Soft Light, Hard Light, Exclusion and what Linear Dodge is. I tried looking in the memories but I couldn’t find it considering no one is probably as dumb as me to have it been said before. I know I’ve seen them all before but for the past hour I have tried to find it and just can’t. Can anyone PLEASE point me in the right direction and tell me where I can find it. I will be forever grateful…Thank you all in advance.
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adobe help

Okay I don't know if this question is entirely appropriate to ask in this community, but I'll assume one of you has had this problem before: Recently when ever I go to open my Adobe it will open the window run for a bit then shut down before it loads fully.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I miss my Adobe
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Tutorial: Using Photoshop Filters

Tutorial: Using Photoshop Filters to Enhance Your Images
Created by: gossymer
Program: Photoshop CS (should work with older versions too)
Filters used: Paint Daubs, Accented Edges, Poster edges, Diffuse Glow and Texturiser

Note: Median, Despeckle & Unsharp Mask will be covered in a separate tutorial (they apply more to image correcting)



There is more to Photoshop than just layers, gradients and brushes. The Filters offer users a chance to truly make images different- yet without having to resort to the brush.

Clheck it out @ my journal
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hello. i come to you with DESPERATION! i am so desperate for help, i could scream. i already have screamt, actually, but it didnt really help. PLEASE i BEG of you if you know what to do with my questions, PLEASE HELP!

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