January 27th, 2006

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Pixel/Vector art?

Sorry in advance if this isn't accepted (cause it's not an icon). Just delete it if you like.

I decided to try and give pixel/vector art a shot (still not sure on the difference Xp), but I can't find a technique that works. So my question is, what program do you recommend to make art like this? I'm using Photoshop, but the Brush tool doesn't make it all sharp and clean like that picture.

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font question

ok..im fairly new at photoshop 7 and i have question about fonts on it...i dont have an example but maybe u'll what im talknig about...how do u create text on an icon going from bottom left corner toward the top right corner of it...ive been trying to figure it out with no luck...thanks advance for the help..ps i hope this doesnt sound stupid XD
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first post: a question...

How do I get from this: to this: in PS7?

I'm not sure who made the last pic, rainblows I think, but is there anyway to get the cropped screencap to have this kind of coloring? I think/know there is since the last colorful image was from a screencap itself... If you can help: ♥ Thank you! ♥
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(no subject)

I have the stupidest question to ask, but I searched through the memories and couldn't find anything like it... I hope this is ok to post here?

But, I'll make an icon on Photoshop 7, and it looks amazing... and then I save it, and all of a sudden the quality sucks. Is there something I can do about this, or something I'm doing wrong? I don't merge all the layers before I save, and to save I click "file > save as" and then in the "Format" drop down box I change it from .psd to .jpg - am I doing something wrong?

Sorry if this isn't allowed, I'll delete it.
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Photoshop Tutorial - Part 2 of a series

Tutorial Type: program tutorial #2
Skill level: beginner
Program used: PS7
Notes: This tutorial is part two of a series that I am going to do that covers the more common tools in Photoshop 7. This series is intended for those who are learning PS7 for the very first time. I can't say right now how many tutorials there will be when the series is complete but they will be posted 1-3 days apart. Be warned, this is image AND text heavy.

Full tutorial is here at itut.
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Trouble with cutting pixels

This has only happened to me tonight so I suspect that I clicked something that made it change. I have Adobe PS Elements 3.0.

I'm trying to make a border and I use the Layer-> New Fill Layer-> Solid Color. I use the Marquee tool to outline the border and then I use Ctrl + X to cut the pixels. Usually when I do this, it works just fine and I see the layer underneath, unaltered. But when I did it tonight, the layer beneath took on a grey cast and there was nothing I could do to alter it.

Any suggestions? Thanks!
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Script Output error-PSP 9

I'm a reasonably advanced PSP users but I have never had this problem before and a check of the memories for common PSP errors yielded nothing. I was using the pen tool, made a mistake and tried to use keyboard commands to undo. Instead of undoing, the layer I was working on vanished and Script Output Dialogue box appeared and continued to appear whenever I tried to undo and also to paste something as new layer or delete a layer. I recieve this error message whether I'm using keyboard commands or whether I try to undo through Edit>>Undo. I reset all my preferences and that didn't help either.

ETA: I actually have had this problem before last week so it seems to be reoccuring.

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