January 28th, 2006

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i'm having this weird problem with imageready- every time i try to open a file-- even if i open a selected range or whatever- it only ever opens the very first frame. it's driving me nuts! i'm sure there is some sort of blatant solution that i've blindly missed, but, alas, i am challenged sometimes.
that was probably the worst explanation ever and i'm sorry. i suck at explaining myself:\ i'm just hoping someone will catch my drifto_O
i've checked the memories and everything but i can't find anything that helps:[


I searched the memories [when it didn't give me the 'memories down' error] and I couldn't find a tutorial on gradients.

I'm looking for something that's new user friendly [I'm psp smart, ps dumb], I'm new to gradients and such. As well as it showing the different ways to use them and such.

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Basic Beginner Tutorials

Hi three beginnner tutorials avalible that I originally had on a forum that I am shutting down - they might be of use to someone - they are very basic techniques so advanced icon makers will not really find anything useful - more for those that have a program and have no idea where to start.

Not overally program specific just general ideas.

Making an Icon/Avatar 101
Making an Icon/Avatar 102
Making an Icon/Avatar 103
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I'm using Photoshop CS and I was wondering if it's possible to reset the variations?

Let's say I use 'more blue' and 'darker' on an icon. If I use variations again, it will automatically do 'more blue' and 'darker'.

I'm sorry if I'm not clear, I really don't know how else to describe it. Thank you in advance!
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I'm looking for the light texture used in the icon below, or at least something really similar to it. As well as the crown brush that was used in it. I wanted to ask the maker, but I can't get in contact with her.

I also checked most of the resources posted in the user info of this community, but no luck.

Thanks in advance.


AIM Chat Template

Does anyone know where I can find an icon template for the AIM chat window? I've seen the actual IM window, but not the chat. Any help would be much appreciated as google is no help.

**Edit for clarification: I have a template for an Instant Message window, but I want a template for a chatroom.
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Painting effect...

Does anyone know how to create the effect where you take a photo and make it look like a really photorealistic painting. A good example would be some of the stuff that is produced at The Theban Band, like this picture (worksafe).

I have PS7 and I was wondering was it possible on this program or are they using a much more advanced graphics program.

I haven't seen any tuts so far that achieve this effect.
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WMP Capping Smoothness

I've been making mini-movie icons with the caps I've taken using Windows Media Player, but I have a question. Does any one have any suggestions for taking caps that will make the movie run smoothly? I was only able to just keep clicking and re-clicking the pause button and when I did that, I had no control over how many frames I'd moved forward. It made my icon look kind of choppy. Someone in the memories section mentioned that they 'keyed forward', but I'm not sure what they meant. I tried to use the left and right keys while paused and it didn't do anything. Does anyone know what they meant by 'key forward'?

Any example of the smoothness of caps I was able to grab:
the notebook by wastedfriday

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I apologize that this doesn't have to do with icons, but do any of you know any communities or links to graphic tutorials? like backgrounds, larger graphics, etc... I've looked but maybe I just haven't looked hard enough.

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Mod Post

Attention icon_tutorial!

I have recently updated the Community FAQ Post to reflect the frequency with which we hear the question, "what about graphics that aren't icons?"

That answer is here.

Also: if I delete your post, please don't repost the exact same thing. That makes a cranky mod, and cranky mods ban people.

This has been your icon_tutorial public service announcement. We now return you to your regularly scheduled Photoshopping.

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I just joined art_battle and I have no clue as to how to make good-looking and cool graphics over the size of 100x100px. I was wondering, are there any good tuts or tut community for these kind of graphics? Any help is very much appreciated!

Extreme Makeover - joelzbutterfly

Searching for a Tutorial.

I am looking for a specific tutorial. I had my IE open and the windows closed before I could add it to my memories. Well now I haven't the slighest idea how to find it again. I sort of stumbled apon it.

The tutorial was for animating jewelry, to make it sparkle. I have searched through everything that had to do with animation and sparkle/glitter in the memories. If anyone has this in their memories, it would be appreciated if you could post the link. ^___^ Thank You.
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