January 29th, 2006


First, I did NOT write this tutorial, nor is it on LJ. I found it linked on stock.xchng. It's a tutorial written explaining curves (and things concerning lighting when taking your own photographs) and how to use them to enhance your image and how they work. It was written with Photoshop in mind, but curves exist across most platforms, so it'll work. I figured some people would like to read this since curves can be an awesome help, but they're a bit difficult to figure out when you're just starting. The tutorial on curves starts about halfway down. Hope you like :) .

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Colorizing Effect

I am quite horrible at recognizing some certain techniques, so I was wondering what would be a good way to replicate this image: Image hosting by Photobucket

The icon was made by whatdemydid and I haven't gotten an answer yet as to what he or she did.

I think it's more than a dark blue exclusion layer, but I suppose I could be wrong.

So any help in doing something similar?

photoshop question

ok if you want me to put this in a photoshop community, please direct me, i dont know a good one. BUT if you can help me i had a question. i use photoshop 7 and cs 9. when i open up images it won't show it as being zoomed 100%. it's set at like 66%. i was just wondering if there was a way i could change that in preferences so it comes up at 100%. thanks!

solved, thankssssss!
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Hey I'm a newbie here and I was wondering about layers. I've looked through the mem's but haven't had much luck (maybe I'm looking in the wrong place?) I'm not sure so I thought I'd judt go ahead and ask and meybe some could explain/redirect me futhur.

I have no clue how to do layers (ex: http://i1.tinypic.com/mtma21.png). I just don't understand how to you duplacate and then fill it with different colors (if that makes sense...). Anyway this might be a stupid question but I'd be really greatful for any help. :-). Thanks!
P.s. I'm using PSPX.
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*USING* textures

alright, i have searched the memories at gimp_users & i looked in this community's memories as well.

i'm using Gimp 2, and i want to know how to use textures. there's tutorials on how to MAKE textures and how to DOWNLOAD textures and everything else under the sun, but not a thing on how to use the textures.

for example, colorfilter usually posts a lot of of textures, and i've downloaded a set or 2 from there. and THIS is her most recent post. i want to use those textures for an icon to create something like the example she posts.

how do i do this in Gimp? do i upload the textures just like i do brushes? can somebody tell me STEP BY STEP what to do? i have absolutely no idea and i really really want to learn how to do this. thank you so much to whoever helps me. if i left out any details or you need to know anything else, just ask and i'll do my best to answer.

thank you!!
b&w #3

Yes, a rounded borders question.

I have looked through the memories.

I still cannot figure out how to add transparent rounded borders on my icons. I can get the rounded borders all right, but I can't get the transparency.

Will someone please, once and for all, take me through the process, from rounding the borders to making them transparent? I'd be eternally grateful. I'd offer cookies, but one of my 'rental units ate them all already. Sorry.

(I use PhotoShop CS.)
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(no subject)

There is probably a really simple answer to this and I've missed something important, but my text has gone all weird. I am using PSP8 and everytime i try to use text i have to change the stroke width each time. The thing is, it wasnt always like this. Should i have comething checked which means it does it for me?

Image hosting by Photobucket

Here is a screen shot of how i have everything
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Thanks in advance, and sorry if there is a really simple answer :)
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Coloring / textures on these icons?

I've asked the icon maker but well they didn't remember how they really did it. So I thought I'd give them a shot here, 'cause most of the questions are answered with really great tips so... I'll type down next to the icon what they told me. But really I need help!

 by xtatiq  (she told me she used gaussian blur)

 by miss_grain
(i duplicate the base in screen maybe 2 times then i creat a new dark blue layer in exclusion and i think i use a blue layer (#a4ddf4) in color burn and i play with the colour balance and i put somme green on it. You can also try to desaturate it.)

 by dsy  (I'd like to know how to do the smooth whiteish effect on it)

 by I don't remember (I want to know how to do the coloring!)

Thanks for your help!

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(Simple?) Photoshop question...

Hey...this is the first thing I've ever posted here, and it's a question. I'm sorry if it's got a really simple answer, but I've looked through the memories and couldn't find anything. I'm missing a toolbar type thing...and I've tried a bunch of things, but none of them are working.

The problem:
Image hosting by Photobucket


Edit: Answered! Thanks, numbly_breaking
daisyskyewalker on tumblr

(no subject)

Coloring Tutorial:

at my icon journal.
I use Photoshop 7, but it's pretty easily translated to other programs, I'd think.
You probably only need a very basic knowledge of PS to understand. It's pretty easy and straight forward.

Other icons I've made with this coloring technique:

I hate my Photoshop Cs2. (Help?)

Seriously. I've worked with PS6 and PS7 for years and more recently CS at work, but have never accounted problems such as with CS2.

Main bother #1: I open more than one image at once (quite handy when working with loads of photographs and/or frames in animations) and in Ps6/7/CS I could always just open the first one in full-frame, and the rest would appear in full-frame as well. Not so in Cs2, the forst one does appear full-frame, but as soon as you close that one, the rest are still all cascaded on the worksheet. Tried looking thorugh every freaking "option" there is on the bloody thing and nothing.

Main bother #2: It suddenly stops functioning. Like, two minutes after I open the program and am working on a picture, suddenly all the toolbar option don't work. I cannot crop, erase, apply text, put on a brush, drag an image onto another: NOTHING. It's as if the program suddenly decided to go out for coffe and not work anymore. I always have to restart the program for it to work again, and then, a few minutes in...the same happens again.

The *only* reason in the first place I got the CS2 (I was already very happy with my PS7) was the "switch" function in the cropping, where you could just press a single button to switch between the length and/or width of the already defined cropping area, very handy when working with photographs which need to be prinetd in certain sizes. :)

Any of you Photoshop savvies and iconmakers out there have any clue as to why newer is not necessarily better?
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