January 30th, 2006

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Hi guys! I'm having the problem where I cannot open Photoshop, because the scratch disks are full or something. So, i looked here. And some people have said that it means my hard drive is full. However, I am actually not too sure how to go about freeing up space from my hard drive. I mean I can delete like files (Word files, pictures, etc.) However, is that really the problem? Or are there bigger things takign up space? I guess what I would like to know, is how I can free up more space. Thank you =)
--almost solved, thanks guys; just a question for aikon. :)
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Tutorials for these colorings?

im new here and i cant seem to get the colorings for these icons, does anyone have tutorials to this kind of colorings? im sorry if this has been asked before!

ps. i forgot who made the 4th icon, please tell me >.< the mka ones are from mka_icons. i think they're gorgeous!
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Photoshop Tutorial - Part 3 of a series

Tutorial Type: program tutorial #3
Skill level: beginner
Program used: PS7
Notes: This tutorial is part three of a series that I am going to do that covers the more common tools in Photoshop 7. This series is intended for those who are learning PS7 for the very first time. I can't say right now how many tutorials there will be when the series is complete but they will be posted 1-3 days apart. Be warned, this is image AND text heavy.

Full tutorial at itut
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Alright, I know there are tons of questions regarding icons with round borders, but this bothers me and for some reason I have absolutely no idea what to do.

Image hosting by Photobucket = a screenshot of a .gif icon I made, on a white background. The borders look nice and smooth.

Image hosting by Photobucket = same icon, screenshot from a place with a blue background. See? What is that white stuff? It wasn't around at least before saving!

So I'm assuming I do something wrong when saving the icon. I tend to put the dither to 100% (i'm not sure if that's what i did with that particular icon, but i'm assuming so) - with 0% you get that 'sawtooth' border and I don't really want that either, could there be something in that or am I just wrong with my wild guesses? For matte I choose 'none'. There's a whole lot of stuff in the "save for web" options and I must admit I don't exactly know what a lot of that means, I get language problems pretty much as soon as words get more difficult than 'cat' and 'dog'. :/ That, and I know nothing much of technology/computers/photoshop in general.

All I know is there are icons with borders that look smooth and perfect no matter what colour is the background, and I'd be thrilled to achieve that. Any help is very appreciated. x

I use PS Elements (2.0).
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So, say I want to make an animated icon in Macromedia Fireworks with six or seven slides, each a few seconds long, that look like this:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Like, white words on a solid-colored background. But it's saying the thing is 49 kb, and I've tried condensing the text onto fewer slides and it didn't make it any smaller. How can I make it fit? I'm pretty sure it's possible, since I've seen icons like this that go on for much longer. Maybe it's just a Fireworks thing, but I'd really appreciate any input.

Okay, I'm doing what people said to change the gif settings, but whenever I change an option using a drop-down menu, nothing happens at all. Like, even if I change it to gray-scale, nothing changes in the main image at all. I think this must definitely be a problem with the computer, but does anyone have any idea how to fix it, or what might be causing it? And it's 56 kb now, and I'm not even sure why.
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help with coloring..

anyone know how to make this kind of coloring? I have tried it, but it always seems either too brown, too white or too much contrast (softlight layers). any help would be great!

(I don't remember who made it sorry, I saved it so long time ago. but I think it was someone from glamour__icons, if someone know please tell so I can give a credit)

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So, I've looked in the memories, but I cannot for the life of me find a tutorial to help me with my PSP 8 text problem.

See, when the text isn't tilted, it's normal. However, when it is tilted, it gets blurry:

Is there anything I can do, or is that just normal?

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Hi everyone! I've been a lurker here for quite a while, but this is the first time I've ever posted a question. I've looked in the memories for an answer but haven't been able to find one, so hopefully someone will be able to offer me some advice on this.

I've recently gotten into making screencaps. I use PowerDVD and PSP 8 to do it, and I haven't had any trouble actually making the screencaps. But here's my question (and please forgive me if this seems like a silly one -- I feel silly for asking, but I'm honestly curious):

I know that, for example, there is a set size for, say, LJ icons. But does anyone here have a size formula that they use when making screencaps? I'm planning to put my caps up on my site when I get them all done, and so I plan to do the clickable thumbnail thing, but...I have no idea what size to set them at.

At the moment, I have PowerDVD configured so that when I hit the "Capture" button, it saves the cap as a file in my "screencaps" folder. In the configuration setting, I have the "custom size" box checked, and it's set at 114x108 (which was the default setting). Plus, I have the "Keep aspect ratio" box checked.

Does that sound about right, or does anyone else have any suggestions for me...?

Thanks in advance for any advice!