February 3rd, 2006

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Two more Bean icons

Both of these icons were made for icon challenges and use really quite poor images as the base. Both are really very simple and show how quite an effective icon can be made withour spending an age blurring and smoothing skin - especially on a man who is 46 years old... ;) Click on the images to see how (using CS2).

From this to and from this to


I'm semi new at icon making and I have a little bit of a problem. Everytime I open a new image in PSP 7 it comes up real small, like half the size. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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(no subject)

I've made a batch of textures and would like to know exactly how to make a zip file so that they can be saved easier. Also how/where would I upload this file so that people can infact save it.
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"Runtime Error" ?

I'm using Photoshop CS, and whenever I run certain actions (I really can't tell which ones are the problem ones), about 10 minutes later, an error pops up. Collapse ) So when I click OK, Photoshop closes and I lose everything I had unsaved. Why am I getting this error?

Thanks in advance. :)
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This maybe the dumbest question, ever.

I have PS7 and everytime I see an exmaple of how to do something in it; I see it green, or pink, or blue, instead of the ugly silver grey. Is there anything I can do to fix that? Or am I stuck?

Sorry for the dumb question, I just always wondered.

Thanks alot =)

Thanks to those helped. =)
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Hi have gradient question

I have paint shop pro 8 and I wondering how you upload your gradients to your gradient editor, do click on import? I've tryed that already, and my gradients are in my pictures, so how do I Import them as a seperate group, of gradients?
cause I've seen other peoples beautieful gradients and I've always wanted to used them was background, when make collages, so anyone knows thanks it help me out alote :D
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I seem to not able to find this but how do you make a tape realistic? By that I mean sometimes how people put this tape thing for the palroid pictures but I don't know how to make the tape look realistic. I'm looking for PSP8 brush.
Thank you!
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On Selecting a Program

Background: I've been running Photoshop 5 LE for years, but we finally upgraded the computer from Windows 98 to XP, and to make a long story short, Photoshop doesn't work any more, and I've already tried reinstalling it. My dad is planning on purchasing either PSP or Elements 4.0, and there's a chance that I can get a used CD, and I'm downloading The GIMP right now.

But the real question: I know Adobe file formats are proprietary, but I also know that they didn't used to be. Will I be able to open my old .PSD files (version 5 LE, remember) in different programs, or should I try my hardest to get something Adobe-made?

ETA: They're fine in The GIMP, and although I sitll have no idea what the kick I'm doing, I'm thrilled to have a functioning graphics program, and I'd delete this except other people might have the same question, or whatever, so I'll leave that up to The Owner.
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Brightening up caps...but wo/ pixelation

This is not about *just* brightening up screen caps, as so many people ask about, but a lot of times what will happen is that with however many methods I'll use to brighten up a really really dark screen cap to make an icon w/, by the time I've cropped it and done all that extra prepping, it looks really pixelated...but yet not sharp enough. So then when I sharpen it, it gets even worse. Any specific tips? Like ways to avoid this or even correct it?

Here's a few methods I may use:
Duplicate base to screen once or twice, and up the saturation, plus add curve layers
Auto levels + extra prepping, such as curves
Brightness/contrast (rarely)
Upping the curves right off the bat
Merely base duplications (several screen layers and an overlay layer)

Any other recommendations that could help to *not* get the pixelated effect?
Thanks in advance ♥
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Making brown eyes blue

I don't know if I'm just having a really slow day or what, but I cannot, for the life of me, take this icon:

...and change the eye from brown to a convincing/realistic blueish-green.

Help? I have Photoshop CS2. :3

ETA: I checked the memories, but nothing is helping me. :\ Sorry if I'm just blatantly missing anything.
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