February 4th, 2006

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I Have PSP and what was wondering what is the equivalent to color burn.. I see it on alot of tutorials and was just wondering what that is in PSP. Thanks!
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Curved Text and Eraser Help

For as long as I've had PSP9 and saw that it could be done, I've always wanted to have curved text in my icons. So I hunted down the curved text tutorials in the memories section, but they didn't work for me. I wondered if I was just an idiot and left it at that.

Then, at the bookstore, I was thumbing through a PSP9 for Dummies book, and the book magically opened to a curved text tutorial. I thought, "Cool!" and thought about going back for the book. Today I went back and read what it had to say on curved text, came home, tried it out. It didn't work. I used PSP9's help section, but that didn't really help either. Yes, that's right. I couldn't wrap my mind around PSP9 for Dummies.

It used to be I could at least draw with the pen tool, but now the offset markings are transparent.

In short, originally, I couldn't figure out how to curve text. Now, I can't figure out why my pen tool isn't working (I have the background/filler on transparent so it won't be a bowl of color, but apparently, it turns the entire pen transparent).

Also, my eraser can no longer delete at 50%. It's either all or nothing for them. I don't think I pressed any buttons, but it's possible my Karma has decided it doesn't like me.

Thank you in advance to anyone who has ANY IDEA what's wrong with me/my program.

Black & White Tutorial?

I recently saved a tutorial on turning color pictures or screencaps into high quality look black and white pictures that was posted here and for some reason it didn't take and so I was wondering if anyone had it saved to their own memories. I think it was within the last month but I've searched through the back posts and not found it so help would be appreciated. Thanks so much!
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(no subject)

I've peeked in the memories but didn't come up with anything really helpful so I thought I'd ask here instead. Does anyone have anytips on removing facial hair from an image?

I'm using PSP7 thanks.
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(no subject)

Hello all you talented people!

I know how annoying it must be to get the same questions asked over and over again, and I apologise now if this is one of them, but I'm driving myself insane trying to get this effect perfected and I was wondering if anyone knew of a better way of doing it, or to even let me know if I'm doing it right - if I am, then I'll just continue practicing it until it looks right. :)

Anyway, on with the actual question eh?

I was looking at this beautiful batch of icons by lucius_admirer which can be found here, and this question is regarding 7, 14, 15 & 16 as they all have the lovely white light effect which I have been trying to perfect now for quite some time.

I don't think it's a light texture, although I did try that first, but if it is, I would assume that it's a custom texture of just a white light? So I wondered if it was just a "white spot" using a simple paintbrush, and then blurred and set to screen? I have been trying that method but it still.. Doesn't look right to me. Am I doing it right or is there a better way of achieving it?

I apologise again for asking a stupid question if it is one, and thankyou so much in advance to anyone who can help me :)

(I also apologise if none of that sounded very clear :P)

I use PSP8 and Photoshop 7 too by the way. :)
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(no subject)

I have a question about textures, but it's kind of hard to phrase, so bare with me =)

How do you choose the right texture for an icon and how do you use them? Does it depend on colour or something like that? And do you just put the texture on a layer behind the actual picture, or is there some special way of placing it. Whenever I use textures, it just never looks right.

Thanks =3

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Hi, I have psp8, and I'm having a little bit of trouble with something. When I go to make an icon using poloroid brushes, Iv'e been following tutorials and going through all of the steps over and over, but I still get the same problem. Once Iv'e gone to 'layer properties" and selected screen(which is what all the tutorials have told me to do as the last step), the icon turns out fine, but the border is usually slightly transparent, and I cant seem to fix that.

Here is an example:.

If anyone can help me, its greatly appreciated

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(no subject)

anyone could help to get this coloring?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

it's made by x_cluelesskid and she said a long time ago that she used some dark blue exclusion, tan multiply and lightblue burn layers, but I don't really get that effect. it don't come out that dark. I use psp8.

Collapse )

edit. thanks for all help!
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(no subject)

what's the substitute for 'color burn' in PSP. I have PSP 9 and there's no color burn so how would i achieve a color burn affect? i'm trying to follow along with an icon tutorial but got stuck at this step. so... thank you for anyone that helps!
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(no subject)

I'm not one to ask many questions, but I have tried to do this technique a million times, have searched high and low in the memories, but to my frustration, I still do not understand how to do this.
I would like to use thse mirror brushes, made by the talented scarsonchest

to make icons such as the example she gave... see here.

I figured at first it was like using the decorative mask brushes, but... no.
I am using photoshop 7.
Can someone give me a simple technique to achiving this look, or point me in the right direction?

Thank you in advance.
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Lindsay Monroe Coloring Tutorial.

Basic Coloring Tutorial ( as requested ). Used Corel Paint Shop Pro X.

Experiment with yours and not just what this tutorial is showing! You can always add different color gradients and other styles to make your bases prettier.

Then again, I usually use my bases for my icons. :x

Go from this to Image hosting by Photobucket

Click on me!
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Stupid question

Ok, this must be the dumbest question ever, but:
Why is everytime I try to layer my pictures it only layers certain parts? ( Image hosting by Photobucket ) It's not all over anymore and I was wondering how in the world to change it back?

Sorry for the blondeness... Thanks so much!