February 5th, 2006


Transparency Woes! (How to do it?)

Hello everyone. I have a tiny question and would greatly appreciate any help...

I'm having problems with transparency. For some reason, the parts that I want to be transparent in my icon just aren't transparent after loading them to the web. I've checked the memories of this comm and have tried the things that they've suggested, but nothing's really worked.

I go to file>save for web and then save the file as a .png (24) with the transparency box checked. Everything looks fine until I try to load it to the web-- both photobucket -and- my own webhost just take the part that should be transparent and fill it in with another color.

Now, I use internet explorer to veiw the web, BUT I can see other "transparent" icons just fine. There are a bunch of lovely examples from this community which I can veiw without problem. Why, then, are my own attempts coming out so wrong?

Do I have to resort to the horrible .gif option which ruins the quality, or is there some other option/explanation that would solve this problem?

Thank you so much for any help. :)

Oh, and I use PS7!

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D'you know of any good photo manipulation tutorials? [i.e: taking someone's head and pasting it on someone elses' body and making it look realistic]
I thought ya'll would be the best to ask ^_^
Thanks so much ♥♥
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I know this has been asked before & I searched the memories , especially in the animation , but i'm guessing i'm missing it.I was wondering if anyone could link me to the tutorial [There are a few ive seen] to do this animation effect?Thank you ;D

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Imageready question

I was wondering if anyone knew how to save in imageready for a GIF. Save/save as comes up only as Photoshop PSD and saveoptimized only saves in JPEG. I have Photoshop 7 if that helps anyone. I have been trying everything I could think of and it is not liking me what so ever. Any help would be greatful.
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question, i think i have an idea how to do it but then again I'm completely unsure. how do you get the effect on this icon.

credit: lita.allmyendings.net
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Icon effect/help

Hello everyone, i was wondering if anyone can help me get the same effect this icon by neko_works has done with this icon of Reith: Image hosting by Photobucket
EDIT: sorry about that, i'm looking to see how to make the same effect as the coloring in this, or something similar to it
The program I use is Photoshop CS
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I've looked through the memories, but have not found what I'm looking for... although it is possible that I simply missed it...

is there a tutorial that will show me how to make this picture of the Northern Lights shimmer.

or can someone tell me how to do it?

I am attempting to make it into an icon... but would like it to shimmer as if one was actually looking up at the Nothern Lights.

I use PS7 & IR.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Viewing Korean Text

Hi there. I have a question. I am trying to copy and paste Korean Text into PS7. However, I can't view it. I know one needs to change the font to view Asian text. For eg, MS Mincho is used to view Chinese text. Does anyone knows which font to use to view Korean text?

Thanks in advance!

Blending modes in Spanish

I believe you haven't become multilingual?
I'm in major trouble here which has already given me a headache. I have my PS7 in Spanish, and it's almost impossible to learn all the great tutorials that are here and put them into practice because I can't choose the right blending mode! There's some easy ones like dissolve, luminosity...but then there's overlay, screen and I don't know how these words where translated.

Can anyone just please add all the blending modes in the right order as they're found in the Layers palette (1st comes normal, then dissolve, then...)? I'll translate them into Spanish in case someone else might need that. I'll be forever greatful.
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Mistakes in system

I have got a folder "Textures", there I keep all the icon textures. It was about 84 folders and 3000 jpg\png\gif images.
Recently folder "Textures" is broken. Then I try to open folder inside "Textures" my system (XP) says that the program does a mistake and will be closed, and sometimes I have to reset the computer.
I can’t repair it, so help me please.
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how to make a header using an icon tutorial

At least once a week there's a post in icon_tutorial or icon_extras asking if anyone has links to header tutorials, and every time the community answers with pretty much the same answer - take what you learn with these icons, and make your header using these ideas and skills. Yet no one seems to believe the community members, and within days, someone is asking the question again.

I'm going to prove that you can make a header out of an icon tutorial.

I've wanted to make a post like this for a while, but couldn't pick an icon tutorial to use. Then this tutorial by _pinkvelvet was posted, and suddenly I'm seeing a lot of icons in this style. Since it's so popular, it was just perfect to make this point.

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I swear on a stack of Joaquin Phoenix photos that I used only the tutorial by _pinkvelvet. I simply tweaked a step or two, and used my own patterns to create the texture used.

Now can we slow down the requests for header tutorials? I promise you, find an icon tutorial you like and have at it, and what you like about the resulting icon, you'll like about your header. Honest.

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I don't know if this is the right place, and I'm betting it isn't, but can anyone tell me where I can find textures that aren't 100x100? I'd like to make banners and things with textures using the icon tutorials I find here, but all the textures I have are too small. Thanks in advance!
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Can anyone give me any advise curvy text? What I'm wanting to do is have the text running along Sawyers arm on this icon. I've marked where I want it to go with a white line. I'm using PSP7