February 6th, 2006

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I have the tutorial for this type of animation effect , but I was wondering how on this one [Made by coinage for myself] how the swirl is really spaced out.I hope I am explaining this okay lol There is space between parts of the swirl & when I do mine , there is no space , it's just clumped together.& I was also wondering about how it sorta fades out as it goes along.How would I go about doing that?Just lowering the opacity as I go?

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PSP 7: Question


In all my years of working with Paint Shop Pro, I've never even heard mention of this, so I'm hoping maybe someone can help me out. It just spontaneously happened, and I have no sweet clue how to fix it. I've tried just about everything I can think of.

Anyhow, the problem is with my layer palette. It used to show the names of each layer on the left hand side so you could drag them around and delete them and such. But now, that part has mysteriously disappeared. Anyone know how to get that part back? (Picture of what I'm seeing right now, below.) It's most annoying not having the layer names there.

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PS: vampire tutorial

This is a variation of another tutorial I did a long time ago... I improved the technique, and I've added some extras. This is an intermidiate to advanced Photoshop tutorial, although it's probably easily translatable.

Learn how to turn even the sweetest, most innocent-looking subjects into vampires :)

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Eeep! IR CS is all...different!

So, I managed to upgrade from Photoshop 7 to Photoshop CS, which is excellent! No probs, it all works fine, etc etc...

ImageReady on the other hand....O_o

Now, I was going to make an animation as I usually did in IR7, by copying and pasting frames one after another in the animation bar. However in IR CS the little arrow button with the choices of copying and pasting in the animation bar is gone, so I am totally lost...

I looked through the memories and didn't find a specific subject on this matter, so any of you guys know what the "new" way of doing things in IR CS is?
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