February 7th, 2006


Here's a silly question, does anyone know how I made this icon?

I know that I used an icon tutorial that featured Sarah Michele Gellar with a sort of reddish background, and that the finished icon ended up with a black background like the icon I made up there. I remember that one of the last layers added a greenish color or gradient, but I didn't use it because it made my icon too green. The tutorial was at least compatible with PSP 9, if not written for PSP. I've spent all morning scrolling through posts in the tutorial communities I've visited lately and I can't find that tutorial, can anyone help?

Thanks in advance...This time I'll be sure to put the tut in my memories, D'OH!
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I've been making photoshop zombies for a long time now, and I just now got around to making a very basic tutorial for them. Normally mine are a bit more indepth, but this will give you the basics to making a zombie. This is for Photoshop 7, I'm sure you can translate it.

Image hosting by TinyPic to Image hosting by TinyPic

This tutorial is NOT dial-up friendly.

天上天下; 1

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I understand what the sign means but I want to know if there's a way to prevent it from appearing. Every time I make any changes to my icon (or in this case a icontest banner) the sign, obviously, pops up. However, this is the first time it's appeared; I've made hundreds of animated icons before so I don't know why it's popping up now. Is there some setting I can change so the when I click on the Optimized tab, the little sign doesn't pop up every time?

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