February 10th, 2006

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PSP7 question, regarding sorting of brushes/.jbr files

I have over 1500 brushes in my brush folder. *sigh* So many that I can never find the brush I want when I need it. I would love to be able to sort my brushes into category folders such as 'text', 'border', etc, but since they are in .jbr file format, I don't know if that is possible. Do any of you know what I could do, short of stamping each and every brush into a new 100x100 canvas and saving as a .jpg or .png? I'm honestly close to just deleting all of my .jbr files and starting fresh with image packs only and simply making brushes as I need them, then deleting them again as soon as I'm done.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
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PSP to PS translation problems

I have been having problems trying to learn from tutorials from PSP. (I use PS.)

There are certain things that seem to be very different - for instance, what is the PS equvilent to "automated color balance?" I know that it is not "auto-color" because that gives us no options. Also, their curves seem slightly different and the brightness/contrast.

If anyone is familiar with both programs and wants to write a "translation," that would be really helpful! I searched the memories and could not find anything of the sort.
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(no subject)

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to get the colouring effects on the following icons:

They were all made by any_otherday

By the way, I used PS7 or PSP7.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Thanks for those who have responded : )
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Okay, ImageReady is not cooperating for me. I'm trying to drag my layers onto my base to create a mini-movie, but the layer that I'm dragging won't stay where I want it to. It'll jump to another part of the icon. I've tried turning off "Snap to" but that makes it more difficult for me to get the layers perfectly aligned. Is there some way to correct this?

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Help plz

I dont really have a tutorial but I'm looking for one.
It's a Arwen base and has a sharped and blue-ish effect to it. Plus after the edition on ps, arwen is shown crying.
Can anyone plz lemme know where I can find it?

PS CS2 Brushes.

Okay, I used to use PSP8 but everyone was bragging that PS was better. So I got CS2. And I have no clue how to install brushes. I've checked the FAQ & Archives, and couldn't find it.

I appreciate any help!

(no subject)

Anyone know where I can find a framing brush like in the 1st in a bigger size? (The roundish shape) I was also looking for some heart brushes like in the 2nd icon? I have looked in different brush resource communities but haven't found these. Thanks to anyone who knows!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Icons by any_otherday

(no subject)

I have gone through at least 10 pages of the activity, and I have yet to find the tutorials / effects that I am looking for. I apologize if I missed it, and if I did, please direct me to where this is. I use Paintshop Pro 8, so I would really appreciate learning how to do these effects in it, or a lower/higher version of it. If it's very simple in PS, then you may tell me how to do it in that, and I'll do my best to translate it into PSP.

All avatars posted were made by _seeing_red. I would ask her for the help, but it seems asking her how she got a certain effect on 7 of her icons is rather irritating. I figured a large amount of people helping me would be more realistic.

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PS7 Not Opening

I have read the memories, both of the ones about PS7 shutting down and not opening, this one and this one.

I can't do the first one because Photoshop won't let me open it to change any preferences.. and I'm sort of thinking it may have something to do with the second one, as my computer is on medium-ram, my parents do weekly de-frags, so that hasn't helped either.

Also, when I click to open it this message comes up, and I have no idea what it means, anyway I click to continue and it goes as if it's going to load, but then it just closes...

Sorry if I'm being really stupid, and believe me I hate asking questions, but I'm just missing my PS7 like crazy and my CS2 trial has expired.

Any help would be much appreciated

Edit:Problem solved, thanks noctuidae

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