February 12th, 2006

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I had to switch comps and re-install photoshop and now my icons look like *insert negative word here*. How do I fix this?

Before I switched:Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
After:Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
I used the same technique for BOTH icons, yet the after is so grainy, no?

It's on RGB and 16 bit, and it still looked terrible on 8 bit. Does anyone see what I'm talking about and know how to fix it?

*promises tutorial once it's fixed to make up for annoying questions*

question . . .

I am trying to find the tutorial where they used BSplayer to make an animated icons. well, they used BSplayer to take the caps. I think they made a CSI icon from the tutorial, but I can't seem to find it. I checked the memories where I thought it would be placed, but I still cannot find it. I was hopeing somebody maybe had a link to it or the community or where ever? I thought maybe this would help me, but it's just another question that doesn't really answer mine.

thankyou so so so much if any replies! ♥
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PSP Brushes

This has probably already been covered, but I've been looking for the twenty minutes and can't, for the life of me, find it anywhere. I have a question about PSP brushes. I'm using PSP7, by the way. I downloaded a heap of very nice brushes from absolutetrouble.com, and stuck all the brushes in my Brushes folder after extracting them, but they wouldn't come up. I realised this was because the brushes were made for PSP10. Which broke my heart.

So I'm wondering, is it possible to convert PSP10 brushes into PSP7-compatible brushes, or will I just have to find some new ones?
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this seems like its asked everyday, so please don't yell at me. i looked in the memories but there were only 2 posts and neither helped me and there was a question a few days ago, but it was for psp.
i want to make rounded corners like this. photoshop cs2 doesn't have the rounded corner marquee tool, so i tried using the smooth (select>modify>smooth..) but it leaves the corners not smooth, they look rough and uneven. how can i fix this?
this is how mine turn out and this is how i want them to turn out

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Could anyone tell me how to make animations like this?
Meaning how to make it black and white? with black on the inside?
I use Jasc Animation Shop 3 and Adobe ImageReady. 7.0

Thanks in advance =D

Made by: mindfuckamerica
Sloved thanx to: ak_alterego
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I would have looked in the memories but I wouldn't even begin to know where to look.

So I just wanted to know how do I get the white stuff on the top of these icons? Do I just paint on some white or something?

/ /

Both icons made by auvent

EDIT Question Answered!

Vivid Coloring

I've been recently trying to perfect a coloring action and I was wondering how these icons were made:

I usually see these colorings in Veronica Mars icons,




and the muted but still vibran-ty


Can anyone direct me to a tutorial for vibrant coloring like the first three and at least how the 4th one was made?
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Colouring Tutorial!

Hey Everyone! Made a fun little colouring tutorial! This is my first tutorial in a while...I TRIED! Haha, anyway...

Go From this:  to this:  or

Click Here!!

-Made in Photoshop Elements but most likely transferable.
-NOT IMAGE HEAVY! Actually, it's more image light...O____O;


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i looked this up in the memories, but i didn't see it, so i'm asking.

is there any way, in photoshop (i'm using cs) to make a border that's not flush with the edges of the image? i had a good example of this, but i can't find it now. i want maybe five pixels or so between the edge of the image and the border.

thanks all.

EDIT: problem solved.