February 13th, 2006

Pirate Pin-up

new member + first tut!

Hi all! I just joined yesterday and you are all my new muses; you've helped taken my iconage to the next level and I love it!

I made my first tutorial this morning; enjoy it and if you have any constructive crits, go for it, I strive for excellence and feedback is very important.

So, in my tutorial, we will go from Image hosting by Photobucket to Image hosting by Photobucket in PS7.

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Brush Help.

I've tried looking at the memories but it's always unavailable, so I thought I'd post my problem.

I use photoshop 7 and lately whenever I add new brushes wheather it's by loading the .abr file or using imagepacks they never seem to work or be there the next time time I open photoshop.

Is there a way to save them so that they are always there? It's a pain loading all the brushes in the nex time I want to use Photoshop.

Help, please?

Okay, I feel like an absolute idiot asking this...but...does anyone think they could help me remember how I made (the coloring) these?:


And here's the origial pictures if that helps even the slightest bit:
This picture was used for the first icon, and this one for the second.

Also, I believe for the first icon, I used a tutorial for the coloring, but I've searched high and low for the tutorial and still cannot find it. So, thank you to anyone that helps out.
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Tutorial: "You're that Girl" Full Icon

From To

Level: Intermediate, requires use of layer modes, opacity, textures/gradients.
Application: Photoshop CS2, can be adapted for other versions/programs. (NOT GIMP)

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Couple of questions


I've been going through the memories, but I didn't find the answers for the questions that I have. I use PSPx.

What is this desaturation? I see it in many tutorials, but I can't find it in my program. Or it it only for PS? (cause I know how to do it in PS, but I don't have PS :P).
And where can I find some Wallpaper tutorials and textures for headers? I never know where to look for them, and I'm not really good with making wallpapers.
Could someone please help me?

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Help. I've been making icons for ages now but now when i save my icons they turn out like this...

Image hosting by TinyPic

I don't know what i did wrong to make them like this? BTW i use Image Ready! =)
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Tutorial: The Facelift

Level: Beginners (requires a very basic knowledge of Photoshop).

Photoshop version: 8.0

When it comes to creating art and icons, the most common problem I hear fellow Photoshop junkies complain about is lightening and sharpening images. Shows such as CSI with their dark lighting often leave us brightening images until they look washed out and sharpening them until their pixels become too fuzzy to work with. This tutorial deals with a simple technique which effectively gives your icon a facelift. It can be used on the darkest of images and adapted easily.

Tutorial at my journal.
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I have PSP8 and I wanted to know how to achieve this ever so popular vibrant coloring. I've tried the one that was recently posted but I could not follow it correctly since it was not for PSP in general.


I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me out. :)
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coloring question

anyone could help, give a try to make a coloring like in my current icon? it's lighter than I usually see in colorful icons, and I don't get that effect so I would really appreciate if you could help. I use psp8

this is the orginal picture
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