February 14th, 2006


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Can anyone help me find this animation tutorial? It features Harry Potter...like the characters interacting in a little frame and in the end, there's a caption. I noticed that it became quite popular among LJ-ists.
"Insane Iconage"

Sorry if I missed it in the memories.

I use PSP9, and as much as I try, I don't know how to get the kind of effect found in this icon here by misty_darkness.

I know it has something to do with either greyscale or masking, but I'm not sure how to get only the one thing (like the gold puzzle in the middle) colored like that. If I missed something like this in the memories, you can gladly tell me. I'd like some help with how to get the grey and coloring like this.

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I couldn't seem to find this in the memories, sorry if I missed it.

Basically, I'm using Adobe Image Ready to animate but my problem is the only way I can figure to add a new frame is to duplicate the last one. This basically means that when I paste the new image into this frame all the other frames become this image too, I'd really appreciate any help.

I know quite stupid to ask but

How do take a moive trailer,and take the screencaps I want to do it to
Herr der Diebe (translatsion) The Theif lord, so how do you? if anyone knows anybody who can do it for me, that would be great also...:D I was going to request to Dj43 it, but can't seem to figure out how to email the person from livejournal...*Sighs* so if anyone could ask her for me that she could cap Theif lord when comes out march 14th thank you, sorry if I was a pain in the neck lol :D