February 16th, 2006

I can't seem

I have Paint shop 8 I can't seem to get the rythm down of how, to exclusion colors togather? do you use dark colors or light colors? and whats the patteren of exclusion and mupitly? is an order they go in?

Please help!

I was following this tutorial, and for a total beginner I was doing pretty well. My hopes were sky high! And then, I hit a brick wall.
When I went to optimize the animation, it said that JPEGS don't support animation, and that it would only show the current frame, etc.
So, I changed all the pics to gif's and it did say I would lose quality (which I totally did, but when I resized them to 80 x 80, it got better) but I got crap as a result.
Where did I go wrong?
(using ps 7 and image ready 7 and windows movie maker) edit fixed it! THANKS!

Sorry if this stupid question but...

When your posting and Icon tutorial how are you able to send the icon tutorial to other people to see inside your journal? say it's Alica keys tutorial and you say here at my journal with underscore under it, then click on it brings to the tutorial page, how do I do that?, cause every time I post it doesn't bring link to my journal. Sorry if I'm confuseing you
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ok...so i use PSP9 and i've been wanting to get ahold of PS...anything basically. but i'm one of those people who has to use something before i commit to buying it. so i wanted to hear from any of you who've used both and what you like/don't like about PS. AND i was on their website and saw the free trial you can download...it says it takes 15 hours? kind of wondering about that as well...is it true it takes that long?

thanks for any help/insight

A question regarding the Slice tool.

Hello to all, I come bearing a question. I'm an icon and texture/resources maker, and as most of you know, cropping becomes an essential part of my work. Sometimes, especially with large textures that I want to break down into smaller pieces, I need different parts of the base (whether it be a large texture or a screencap) to display in different file windows, and going through and cropping the original fifty times would be an extremely tedious process. I remember reading a post a long while back about the Slice tool and how it can help me do this, but I've only gotten as far as marking the original picture with tons of slices and forgotten how to actually divide them into individual files. If anyone could help me with this, I would be eternally grateful :) By the by, I use PS7.

Crying tutorial

A while ago someone posted a really good tutorial on how to make animated icons of someone crying. I've looked through the memories and backtracked through the community but I can't seem to find it. I remember that it used an anime base, I think from sweet__illusion. Does anyone have a link?

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I hope somebody can help me... At school i have to make a "photo-montage", or something like a wallpaper, that's why i need bigger textures, brushes, etc. Where can i find these?
Thanks in anticipation;)!

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Hello all!

Well, I've been lurking big time here for months now, reading in preparation for the time when I would actually have a little bit of extra time to fool around making some icons. And the time has come, so here I am.

My question has to do with resizing/cropping images to 100x100 for that perfect icon-y goodness. Now, I looked through the memories and was following this tutorial:

Everything made perfect sense to me, but I have one problem. When I use the Rectangle Tool to select the part of my image that I want to crop, and the popup menu comes up for me to plug in the dimensions for my resized image, the tutorial says that "Constrain Proportions" should be checked. When I do that, though, I am unable to plug in my own dimensions. For example, when I put in "100" for the width (with "constrain proportions" checked), the height automatically changes to "67".

I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong; I have everything done exactly the way she says in the tutorial, yet I can't get it to work. Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions?

Oh, and for the record, I'm using PS7.

Thanks in advance!
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Which script fonts look good on icons? I like the font on my icon now, but I want something fancier. Is there a pretty fancy font that looks good on icons and is readable?

Thank you!!
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