February 18th, 2006

[Slayers] Goin' my way?
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Resizing images

Lately I've gotten the idea into my head that hey, I want to make icons from some of my manga! An idea which is, for me at least, easier said than done.

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I can only assume that I'm going wrong somewhere along the way. Does anyone have any advice or know of a good way to resize and still come out with crisp (or at least clear) lines?
David Hewlett - Angelic

Make A David Hewlett Icon In 13 Steps

Go from this to this:

BTW, I use PSP7, and this is my first tutorial.

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If you want to use this particular icon, please credit 'dearjoanwallace' in the keywords. You don't have to credit me for using this tutorial. Also, please don't use any of the icons I personally use at all - including the one I'm using to make this post. Thanks!
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hello, i know this sounds really stupid but does anybody know how to erase a triangle shape from a 100x100 icon? i've been trying to erase a triangle to add to an artistic effect but i can't seem to find out how to do it! i've also looked through the memories but i couldn't find anything on it. help please?
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(no subject)

i've finally gotten around to trying to use animation shop 3 because it came with psp8, but every time i try to save an animated icon, this box pops up and it's called "animation quality versus output size". when i save the file using the options in the box, it changes the animation and color quality of the icon. does anybody know how to help? thanks so much in advance.
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Quick Question

I have a quick question. I don't mean to sound stupid, but does Photobucket resize images? I just made this nice banner that's 500x400 pixels in Photoshop, but only 250x200 on Photobucket. (here) Do I need to make my banner in Photoshop to get it the right size online? Thanks in advance. :D
sb - once upon a dream.

Border Issue in PSP9

I've been wondering about this for a while, though I never really minded, until now, because it's really beginning to get on my nerves.

I use PSP9, and for some of my icons, I like to add a thick border. Simple enough. But, I'm curious. When going up to Image > Canvas Resize, if I want a 10px border, I have to resize the canvas to 80x80, because, for some reason, the border seems to double in value even if it can't be seen. Am I making any sense at all? Another example would be, if I wanted a 2px border, one would think that I'd just resize the canvas to 98x98 and go from there, but, no. I have to double what my border's width is going to be, so 96x96.

It's really starting to bug me, since it was working perfectly fine when I first installed PSP9 God knows how long ago. Any way I could get it back to normal? :/ Or maybe it's supposed to do this?

Thanks in advance! ♥

EDIT: Questions answered, thank you! :)
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how can i do this...

Image hosting by TinyPic

How can I achieve the look of her in the photo? How it's kinda going in with the colors, etc? Im horrible at explaining this, I know, I'm so sorry. I just love how she looks almost like a shadow or something.

I use psp but I could use PS CS2 if absolutely had to!
Geek | Fred


Ok, I have Photoshop CS, and I need to make a 4 leaf clover (in honor of Saint Paddy's Day)
I noticed that I have that shape in my "shapes" feature thing, but when I post the shape onto the new layer and try to fill it with the color green, it will fill the whole palette and not just the shape. Is there a way I can color JUST the clover?
CSI guy - Grissom

(no subject)

I'm having a slight problem with my PSP7. When I use the "Preset Shapes" tool, my shape always comes out with a black outline and a transparent fill, no matter what my foreground and background colours are set to. Any ideas where I'm going wrong?
kane hodder - dance party

Default save folder.

Is there a way to change the folder that PS goes to when it saves?

If I open an image from a folder, it automatically goes back to the same folder the image came from. If I remember correctly, in PSP it would open in the last folder you opened an image from, and automatically go to the last folder you saved in when it saved.

Thanks in advance.
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emilie autumn

Curtains Tutorial

In this tutorial, I am going to teach you how to make curtains. Kinda like the curtains on stage, or even in a window.

I use Photoimpact Pro, but, I have used other image software, and if I can translate back to Photoimpact from a PSP or PS tutorial, I think it should be able to translate the other way around too.

Basic knowledge of your graphics program

Make icons and other things, or use them as textures.

Image hosting by Photobucket

on to making curtains