February 19th, 2006


I feel stupid for even asking, but I can't for the life of me remember how I made these icons (with the underlying greens and blues in the shadows):

Help? I know it involved lots of layers, but what exactly I don't remember.

And while I'm here, how does one get vivid colour effects like these (with predominant colours)?

(by toastandtea)
(by call_me_daisy)

Much thanks in advance. :x

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New Tutorial using LEVELS

Who needs curves when you can play with levels?

learn how to get this kind of coloring:
from THIS

Program: PSPX [ive had PSCS and i know this is ALL possible]
Level of Difficulty: medium [basically you need to know where/what things are and how to use them]


Tutorial Here

i hope its not TOO confusing.
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Airbrush in PSP9 problem

All of a sudden when I use the airbrush tool on lighten mode it goes like this at the edges, Ive checked my settings and they havent changed...

This is how it used to look (and this is how it should look)

The lightened section doesnt have those fuzzy sharp bits at its edges.

Any help would be much appreciated.

removing glare

Program: PSP9

Question: Is there a way to remove a bright glare from one area of your screencap withouth affecting the look of the entire image. I'm trying to make an icon of the the women in the cap and one of them has a bright glare on her right side.

Cap: Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

What I have so far:

I wasn't sure what topic this would be under, so if it is in the memories, a link is fine.

Model - Black&White

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Does anyone know how to make an icon like this or could point me in the direction for a tutorial of it? I spent forever looking through the memories for something like it, but i didnt find anything. Thank you :)

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How do you achieve the iPod type effect using Photo ShopCS or Paint Shop ProX? And does anyone know where i can download a free trial of the older versions of Paint Shop Pro?

 Icon by moving

Dan Phantom "Unrecogniseable" Tutorial [Photoshop 7.0]

My first tutorial ^_^ It's pretty basic, but I'm prety sure that at least somebody will like it! You don't need to know too much about Photoshop to do this, just enough to hopefully know what I'm talking about ^_^ I'm pretty sure that this is translateable, too.

I'm going from this and this to , using screencaps from Danny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy.

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Alright, so I've looked through all the beginner memories, but can't seem to find an answer to my question, so here it is:

I know how to copy and paste a picture onto another, but when I do, I can never figure out how to move it to where I want it to go. In MSPaint, the image is selected and you can just click and move. I'm currently using Photoshop CS2 and have no idea to make my pasted image selectable so that I can move it (without messing up the background in the process). My screen looks like this:
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Help please : )

Ok, so I was going to make several icons using this technique where you outline a certain part on the icon and gray the rest so that a certain part stands out like this:

to this

but I can only figure out how to highlight one item, I want to be able to have two things higlighted like this icon:

see how both the lips and top are higlighted, In mine, its only the top, how can I highlight more than one item in a pic? I used the freehand rope selector in psp 7 by the way.

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I have a strange question... if it's not allowed then I'm sorry. (Delete it.) I'm using photoshop 7 and all of a sudden whenever I got to change a font color, it always goes to grey. Can anyone tell me how to fix this?
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I want to make a mini movie icon, but I can't figure out how to cap the movie so I have all the frames in PowerDVD...does anyone know if there's a way to do it? I know there's a way to do it on files using VirtualDub, but I don't think I can play DVDs in VirtualDub. If anyone has any suggestions as to how I could do this using either of those programs, I would love you forever.
Thanks in advance!

problems with preserving image quality

i hate to ask but i can't seem to fix this. up until now i've saved like 99% of my stuff as .png but today something weird happened. i did myself a new header which i liked and i saved it and uploaded it but what used to be a nice soft light brown header came out as a ugly darker brown header. i tried saving it as .jpg and .gif and .pic and various options but couldn't get it to look the same as when it was in my program (psp if it matters). none of the options made it look the same. they all came out darker brown when i uploaded it or saved it. this has really been frustrating me so if anyone can help i'd greatly appreciate it. thanks ahead!
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hi guys.
i'm not sure if i'm allowed to ask questions like this but here goes.

i lost my photoshop CS due to the fact that i got a virus from myspace. well so today i got photoshop CS II and i was just wondering if anybody could give me advices on wut kinda basic brushes and fonts i should have? cuz i seirously dont know where to start and regain all of the brushes/fonts i had before.

thank you so much!