February 20th, 2006

[tutorial] full icon, frame, texture

IMAGE AND TIME INTENSIVE. you will be learning how to make that frame in the icon. and if you're so inclined, you will also learn how to make the texture in the background. :D make sure you can make selections with the pen tool and navigate curves and the color balance tools. i use photoshop cs2. subject matter are shige, kusano, and uchi of the japanese boyband NEWS.
before: after:

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Hope it helped you and you liked it. If I forgot to mention something or if you got confused, don't hesitate at all to yell at me or ask for help. :) Btw, please do not make the exact same icon and then pass it off as your own. This also means do not do all the exact same effects with an icon of a different picture. Have fun with it~use a different texture! Use a different color scheme! Let those creative juices flow and all that jazz. :D
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Hi everyone :) I was hoping that someone could help me figure out how to get the coloring on this icon:


I know that there are exclusion layers and burn layers in there somewhere, but I can't seem to figure out the exact colors (or even something close xP) and which order they go in :/ Any help would be great :)

I use PSP8 ^_^
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Mask Question

I'm trying to find some turtorials on using masks.
I've seen some great icons were people use them but I've just no idea what to do with them.

Is it a case of changing the type of layer it is or do I need to rub some of it out I'm very confused.
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Blending Tutorial for Photoshop CS

This tutorial is supposed to bring some light into the world of blending with Photoshop CS. It's not the best tutorial but I hope you find it useful in some ways ;)

I choose this pic of Atlantis and this one of a desert to make the blending more visible. There are links to screenshots which are 1280 x 735 and show you an example of the blending as well as the layer palette, so that you can see what the gradient looks on the layer mask.

Blend to my LJ
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(no subject)


Made a mini-movie con for myself.

Now, it's too big to load onto LJ (I had about...14 frames?) and I was wondering how you can compress it, if you can.

Anyways, thank you to anyone who helps out.
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Daniel Tutorial

We're going to go from to

Made in PSP9. There are images for each step. You may also use the finished icon(s) as long as you credit awry in keywords.

The tutorial can be found here.
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Saving Animated Icons

Question: Saving Animated Icons in Jasc Animation Shop.

Now, I'm an experienced icon maker. And I've made animated icons before, but I don't make them often. Mostly because they tend to come out with bad quality. I made some animated icons from Detroit Rock City and I REALLY don't want the quality to turn out bad.

I did briefly skim through the memories. But even if the answer to my question is hidden in there, I'd much prefer a straight on answer to the way I phrase it. Then I know the answer is exactly what I need-and I hope you all can understand that because I get equally annoyed when pesky people ask questions which have been answered before.

So the question is this:
When saving in Jasc Animation Shop, what optimization settings are best to use?

There's a customize button, and I think mine must be set badly...because my animations always come out like crap. And if it gets screwed up...well, I can't unsave it. And I'm sure many of you understand the frustration which comes with that. (That's why I'm being precacious, and also why I have each frame copied into PSP.) Thanks to anyone that can help, and I'd appreciate an immediate response. :)

MAKEUP tutorial for PS7-- eyes, lips, hair/eye color

Hello! In this tutorial, we will be changing this image of Emily Browning into this, or a smaller icon version of that, like Image hosting by Photobucket. i'm sorry this isn't the most descriptive tutorial in the world; it's only my second tutorial i've posted here, but i tried. =) by the way, I use Photoshop 7, but i think this could be done in another program.

(follow this cut to my journal please!)

thank you so much! i'd love to see your results, and please friend the community (iconifixation) if you like the tutorial!
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silent film animated icon tutorial

When I looked in the memories the other day to try and find a tut on an old movie style icon, I couldn't find anything. So I figured it out for myself and thought I'd share what I learned.

Making this: Image hosting by TinyPic in PS7

fake cut to image heavy, pretty basic tutorial

I'm not going to go over the animation aspects of the tut, as there are plenty of mini-movie tutorials already, and I'm sure the authors of those tutorials did a better job than I could. ;) You need to know how to screencap, how to use the animation program of your choice, and how to use layers in PS.
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(no subject)

I saw this post the other day, and was wanting to ask the same question. I saw that no one really answered her question, so I thought I'd ask again, just in case there's someone out there who might know, and didn't see the post.
Like the previous poster, I've checked the memories, but found nothing.
I have PSP8 and AS3, btw.