February 24th, 2006

[peeps]Dita - Femme Fatale.

Hi there...

Really very new to the whole icon making hobby. However love all the amazing tutorials people do, I am however having major problems getting my layers to fill/flood with colour. I don't think I'm doing them properly, I'm making a new rastor layer and I try applying the color codes in the 'highlighting in layer palettes' however it really just isn't happening. Am I doing something wrong?? Does anyone know any tutorials that explain this method better?

Thanks so much, greatly appreciated. I'm using PSP.
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Texture Question

I recently saw a tutorial for Photoshop in which you were taught how to make the texture shown:

The instructions were: "Now, using your Gradient Tool, draw gradients of varying sizes and angles across your canvas. Feel free to go crazy, as the effect you are looking for is built up slowly. If you have done everything correctly, you should end up with something that resembles my image on the left. Don't expect it to be identical, of course - like real-life paper, its impossible to get the same crumpling texture every time."

Since then, I've been trying to reproduce the effect using PSP7 with little luck. Can someone explain how to make such a texture in PSP?

Or, if you know what the effect is called, could you give me the proper name of it, so I can look it up using Google?

I'd be super grateful.

broken eric

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Hey all

Looked back through entries and some of the memories and couldn't find exactly what I was looking for...


Icons that look like that. Mostly I don't know how on earth they get the skin all smooth looking like that. Any help on any (or all) of these is much appreciated! Thanks :)

Edit: Oh yea, I use Adobe Photoshop CS (on mac)

Edit #2: Come to think of it, anything you can tell me about icon 1 would be fabulous! :D

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Looked in the memories, couldn't quite find what I was looking for..

When people do tutorials, how do you take the # code for colors and put it in your program?

I use PSP9.. & someone who uses PSP8 said you right click on the foreground color window, but for PSP9 you just have to left click to pick a color and right click for a background color..

Your supposed to put the code in a HTML box, the only way I can do that is if I make a new Swaft Layer, which I know isn't right..

It would make it easy to actually do proper tutorials, and any help is appreciated.



My second tutorial...

Stumbled across this effect today and thought it looked kinda cool. Wanted to write it down to remember for myself as well as share with you all. :)

This is using Photoshop 7, but it's only playing with layer effects and desaturation, so it should be translatable to other programs.

How to go from to or .

See it here!