March 1st, 2006


crop issues

hi all.. im sitting at school on break watching hp#1 and copied an image into PS7...wanted to crop it to 100x100 pixels... usually i grab the "crop" tool set at 100 px X 100 px and then click and drag where i want to crop...hope that makes sense!! anyways.. i went to crop and double clicked the area that i liked, but, strangely it goes all screwy. let me elaborate...

i double click the image section i want... then it shrinks to a 100x100 image. only..its just a 100x100 section of the middle of the overall image...when i change the size of the window [not ps7 on a whole, but the window where my image is displayed] the box shows different sections of the image.. its like the crop and the image aren't communicating.

hope that makes sense [ps7 was working fine yesterday, and i haven't done anything different!!] help is greatly appreciated

much love,

ps: i definitly went through EVERY tutorial on cropping in the archives!!!
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i have never posted in the community, only have read, so i hope this works.

how would i get the same coloring as the Mona Lisa for a gradient?

the picture is here

the reason i wanted to have a matching gradient is because i want to tweak the picture, put in a different face, but have the "effect" all over..

thank you for anyone who can help =]

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I know that there's been like fifty bagillion tutorials about rounded edges in PS, but I can't find any anywhere.

So do you mind pointing me in the direction of a tutorial that teaches rounded edges in Photoshop?
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Mod Post

Okay, people, listen up.

This community is founded on the princple that we were all new once, and that we all have something to learn.

Are you allowed to dislike other users and their posts? Absolutely. Are you allowed to be consdescending, rude, or petty in your comments and posts here? No, you are not.

Demonstrate respect towards fellow members, please, when responding.

That said, abusing the community and its members is also disrespectful, and repeated acts are not tolerable. Being new is no excuse to be impolite, and although we are all ignorant at the start, willfully remaining so constitues an abuse of resources -- and when other people are volunteering, in their own free time, to be your resource, that is highly ill-advised.

I, like many of you that have e-mailed or commented, am not always pleased with some of the questions we receive here. There are posts and posters here who break rules, and I try my best to deal with them accordingly. But "vigilante" abuse in the comments is a horrible way to deal with members, and I don't like seeing it here. Is that quite clear?

We now return you to your regularly scheduled learning.

Your mod, a former n00b herself,

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This isn't a tutorial, but it's icon related, so I hope it's ok to post it here.
There have been loads of questions about fonts lately. While they don't belong here, it seems to be a real for problem for some people to identify and find fonts.
I wrote a font guide which contains 25 fonts at the moment, and I tried to include most of the popular fonts that are repeatedly requested.
I hope this helps some of you.

guide can be found here