March 2nd, 2006

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PS7 saving weird.

I was making a banner in PS7 earlier and went to save it, then when I uploaded it I noticed that the image was a LOT more red than it was in PS7. I even saved it a few times using the 'Save for Web' option and that didn't help any.

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Can anyone help me? I looked through the memories but couldn't find anything. :/
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Saving multiple textures in a pattern set?

The tutorial on saving textures did not answer my question about textures completely, so ...

Using PS7, how can one save multiple textures into a single pattern set? I know how to get a single texture-turned-pattern, but whenever I try to save another texture-to-pattern it overrides the one I've already created.

If you need another example: I downloaded Person A's texture set that are saved in JPEG (or PNG or whatever) format. I unzip the files, open up Photoshop, and go through the steps of defining a pattern. Now, I open up the Preset Manager, and when I save the set, there is only one pattern in that set, and I cannot highlight multiple defined patterns.

Does that make sense? At any rate, I hope you can help me!

EDIT: Thank you to everyone who responded, I meme'd this in my personal journal so I'll have a record of it! You're all absolutely fabulous.
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SMG Coloring Tutorial.♥

An easy coloring tutorial.
I can't remember exactly how I made this icon so, probably, the coloring would be a little different, maybe a little darker.My english isn't good, I hope you'll understand me. ç_ç
This is my first tutorial, leave a comment if it'll help you. ♥

We'll be going from this Image hosting by Photobucket to this Image hosting by Photobucket

H e r e.
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How Do I Install Textures/Brushes??

To use in an icon?? Everytime I try to use say a light texture a totally new layer opens and when I try to install it over the base I've been working on it basically just goes black and the layer is painted over with the light if that makes sense. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?? How can I rectify this??

Thank you in advance.
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Adjusting an icon tutorial to a header

Hi! Some weeks ago I saw an interesting tutorial by nadasarmy here where explains how you can make a header out of an icon tutorial and certainly it’s very helpful because I‘m usually inspired by some of the fantastic icon tutorials people post here.
So, I’ve tried to make a header with PSP 8 from an icon tutorial and the result is this header

Free Image Hosting at

From THIS tutorial by erniemay and taking this pic from the gallery of Adrien Brody Online.

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Don't know if this will help anyone but gonna post it anyways :)

There is a program I just found called ABRViewer that you can view Photoshop brushes and it will make PNGs of the brushes that you want. This would be great for people who don't post image packs with their brushes.

Thought I would share :)

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Hey ya'll, I'm back again asking a coloring question xP

by xtatiq

I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about the coloring on this icon. Seriously, ANYTHING at all will help xD
I have PSP8.
*and YES, I DID ask the maker*
Thanks to anyone who decides to help!
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My delema,


My delema is this. I would like to make icons from digital pictures that I have of friends/family etc, but obviously none of us have perfect skin SO I was wondering how to retouch images (rid skin of blemishes, freckles and alike) in Photoshop 6.0.

Thank you in advance


screen cap!

bonjour, checked the archives... a lot. and ive done a few google searches..
SCREEN CAPPING >> i do have "PowerDVD"..but ive never used it [sigh]...however, whenever i play a Harry Potter movie on my computer, it uses it's own program "InterActual Player."

Does anyone know how to go about screen capping with this program ?? [also, i cant use the print screen button, because the movie keeps playing when i paste it and resume playing]

any help makes me smile.
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Hi! Help please!!!

I hadn't seen the question in the community, nor could I find it in the memories.

I know how to import gradients to PSP9, and it used to work just fine, but now I'm constantly getting this error:

There is a problem opening the currently selected gradient file.

The gradients I've downloaded are .grd files...PSP9 recognizes they're there when I hit the 'Import...' button in the edit gradients menu. I'm baffled, anyone know what might be up?

I'd really appreciate the help! Please, thank you, and much love!

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Ok, I really want to get fonts onto my Photoshop program. So I was looking around and I found this site:

Does anyone know if I can download fonts from this site to use on Photoshop?

If, so, can anyone please explain to me how to download the fonts onto Photoshop? Thanks so much! :D

I have PS CS, btw.