March 6th, 2006


Making a straight line in GIMP? How?

Hello all. :) My question should have a simple answer.

How do you make a straight line using GIMP?

I feel silly asking because it's probably so simple that it's staring me in the face. But then again, I come from the world of Paint Shop Pro, where everything really DOES stare at you straight in the face. Or at least it seemed like it did. *cough* But anyway, I'm specifically trying to make a diagonal line. Is there a tool in GIMP that I'm missing that will make a straight line?

EDIT: Okay, so I got it! For GIMP, pick the "Brush" tool. Okay, good. Then on the image you have to make a dot/square/a mark of some sort, depending upon the brush setting. Then hold the shift key, and the brush tool should change it's appearance. The dot you just drew will have an "X" over it, and then where ever your cursor is will have a different X over it, and there will be a line connecting them. The second dot is the end of your 'line segment', so once you have the line where you want it to be, click (still holding SHIFT) and it should have made a line.

PHEW! See, what I was trying to do before was to drag the brush tool while holding SHIFT for it to make a line that way. It doesn't work though. :P
Coincidentally, that little "EDIT" I posted works for PSP last time I checked.
Thanks for your help guys... and I'm looking at the comments right now and once again- it never fails- someone's beat me to the solution and also posted it simpler. xP AKA, knittinggoddess. Yay! *claps* We win!
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My Possessions Have Caught Up To the 21st Century, But My Brain Hasn't

This is potentially a stupid question, but I want to get it fixed so I can make icons on my new computer.

On the computer I use now, my icons are 100x100, nice and sharp, and you can look at them without going "Agh! How small!"

On the laptop I just got yesterday (I've caught up to technology as it was a few years ago, go me), the icons look to be what, on the other computer, is 80x80 or smaller, and it's kind of hurting my eyes. Since I figure other people will be able to see the icons as larger, I want to pay a certain amount of attention to detail.

I changed the resolution, but that just makes things look kind of blurry.

I use Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9. The new laptop is a Dell Inspiron 710m, in case that matters.

And if it would be better to ask this question elsewhere, please let me know.
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Just a question.

Hello! I'm new here, but I was wondering; could someone point me in the direction of or tell me how to get a text effect like the ones on the icons under my cut? The sort of transparent-like feel that they have.

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The icons belong to duelist, and are not mine.

Also, I'm using PaintShopPro 8, though I occasionally use PhotoShop Elements 2.0 for icon-making as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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Alrighty I have a question and you all are amazing at answering them. I looked in the memories and found nothing close to this.

I was wondering how to get the pinwheel blending type effect on an icon like this credit: coinage
I know how to get the pinwheel effect but how do you do that kind? is it the pinwheel effect and fading? Also how would you get it so tiny like that, would you do it seperatly then drag it on there?

I use PSP 9
and AS3(I do know the pinwheel effect and how to use it)

any help would be great, thank you:)
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I was wondering how I might go about "filling" an image with color/s. I think it has something to do with making a new layer. If anyone could help, that would be lovely! Here is an example: (credit for icon goes to ofthe_sky)
P.S. I have PSP X if that helps :)
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Cropping/border problem


I use PS7 and I have this problem every now and then and it drives me absolutely bonkers and I have no idea how to fix it. When I crop an image I use the crop tool and probably 1/3 of the time I get a light border around the outside. I end up cropping to 102x102 using the crop tool and then using the marquee tool to get rid of that border. Does anyone know why it does this or how to fix it? I haven't been able to find the information in the memories and I really hope I didn't miss it.

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Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Solved! thanks to bentfire Thanks everyone for your suggestions as well!