March 11th, 2006


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i'm looking for a guide to some text that have been requested lately
and it had links to download them too
i tried to find it but i failed.
so if anyone knows what i'm talking could i get the link....

or if not does anyone know what the font is called that is dotted and caps?

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two basic tutorials

i've seen a lot of people asking the same questions over and over about these two subjects
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From-To- or
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I have a question regarding masking brushes.

I was under the impression that any brush could be used as a masking brush, so long as the brush was used in black. But I was told there is a difference between the two, so I was wondering just what that difference may be, or if there is any other signficant information I might need in order to correctly use masking brushes.
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I am pretty much new to PS7 (which is the program I now use), so I'm probably missing something, but whenever I try to follow tutorials involving color layers, my picture comes out really wierd and I'm not sure what to do about this.

For example, I have a screencap under the cut of an example of this problem. I was trying to follow a (unofficial) tutorial by the magnificent ewanism, and as you can see, my attempt failed. Please help me with this, as I despise curves and though I can make icons without using color layers, I'd much prefer to use them. I have a bunch of wonderful tuts I'd like to try but I can't seem to master the color layers.

Thank you! :)

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Cap Quality in PowerDVD

I checked the memories, but I didn't find what I was looking for. I'm screencapping a movie in PowerDVD, and I noticed by default that it makes screencaps in the .BMP format. Those files are huge, and halfway through the movie, the folder was already at about 400MB. So, I went to Configuration/Advanced/Capture and changed the extension to .JPG. It changed the actual file type, but file size stayed the same. So I'm wondering, is there a way that I can go about getting smaller-sized caps [and keep the JPG quality] without having to open each one in Photoshop and save over?

Thank you in advance.

Edit: Solved! Thanks omaetoy and jadeleopard
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problem with text in PS 7.0

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hello every1, i'm sorry if this is off topic but i've been having probems with my photoshop. i have no idea what's going two a weeks ago when you wanted to write something it was ok, the size of the letters was ok but i don't know why after a week ago i noticed that when i write lets say PAOLA on an image fotn arial, size 24 , it only apears five dots... no matter if you zoomed in or anything... so i had to change the size to 400 pt so it can be elegible.... the image are under the cut
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hope you guys can help me out. by the way, i love your tutorials i've learned a lot!
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hey! i've browsed the memories and everything and i was wondering if anyone here knew where i could find a tutorial for a header or desktop wallpaper?
thanks in advance!!
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PNG Colour Quality in PS


I've recently moved from PSP 8 on my PC to PS CS on a Mac. In theory, given the fact that Macs are meant to be the designer's choice and PS a supposedly better program than PSP, this should improve the quality of my graphics, right? I've been testing it out today and it all seems to be working out, until I reach the point where I save. When I do, whether as Save for Web or just Save As (which results in a file size of 101KB) the colours are completely washed out. I never had this problem on my PC with PSP and it makes me sad :(

The thing is, when I take a grabshot, you can see the colours with very little degradation from my psd file (although it's not as sharp as I converted it from tiff in Preview) and it's still only 31KB. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong to cause this washing out. Can somebody please help?

PNG file, Save for Web (22KB):

Grab Shot:

I'm sorry if this is a duplicate of another query and I vaguely remember reading something about this a long time ago but I can't find it.

Thanks for any help you can provide :)
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Animation Slowness?

I have looked around the memories and didn't really find anything. I've been wondering how to make smooth and slowness-like animations. How would you go about that? Here are the examples.

An example I want to achieve:

Image hosting by Photobucket by: squaresided

I bet the person used quite a few frames and LJ still accpets it.

An example I've been achieving:

Image hosting by Photobucket by: her_glow (Me -- Please don't take, yet... just an example)

See how fast that is? And it's only 9 frames and I had to keep lowering the frames properties because LJ wouldn't accept it.

I use Animation Shop 3. Thanks for any help.
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Desaturating in PSP9

I looked in the memories and I couldn't find the answer to my question: how do you desaturate images? I've seen this in a couple of tutorials, and I couldn't figure it out. I use PSP9, btw.

Any help is greatly appreciated :)
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Hey guys.
I really love the bright, intense colouring I see on a lot of icons and I'm wondering if someone could give me an idea as to how to achieve it, specifically something like this:
Image hosting by Photobucket or a green-ey version of that.
I use photoshop 7.
Thankyou to anyone who can help. :D
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Colorizing Question....

Does anyone know why when I try to colorize my black and white icon with "color balance" it won't let me click on it. (color balance isn't clickalbe) I was hoping on following this one tut but I can't yet...

Know what's my problem or what I can do?
Thank you much (sorry if this isn't allowed)