March 15th, 2006

All the emotions - The Tune

Tutorial - Soft Altessa

Normally I don't post tutorials, but after trying to follow a few for an image I wanted to use with no luck, I just tried a few things myself, and I liked the result. Give it a try and see if you like it.

In this tutorial, we'll go from this to Image hosting by Photobucket.

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Small Animation problem

okay, so i'm trying my hand at animations. Heres my problem. I'm usuing psp/Animation shop, and i dont knwo what time frame(how long each frame should be displayed) to set my icons to. It's the kiss scene form the west wing, if that helps any..
If anyone cold give me a time frame, that would be great :)
[edit] Figured out, thank to all for your help!


i saw this great polaroid banner and i wanted to know how i could get a real looking one...
or learn how to make one...i have a couple polaroid brushes and they just dont look realistic enough
Free Image Hosting at
so if you could possibly teach me how to do the polaroid effect on this with photoshop cs
or where i could get something like that so i could rework it with my own pictures
thanks so much in advance
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Hand: caress

Tutorial: for Absolute Beginners

I've learned a lot, over the past six months or so, from reading and trying out tutorials, and from other people's comments here and there. And, of course, from looking at other people's icons. It's been quite a haphazard process, though, so I thought I would put together some of the handy things I've learned into a Beginner-Level tutorial.

There are bits of general advice in this tutorial along with specific methods. The specifics are Photoshop CS (on a Mac).

This tutorial is mostly text, with an example at the end. The intention is that you pick your own image and work on it as you read through the tutorial. If there are things I have not explained clearly, please ask and I will try to improve matters.

If the only thing I can show you is how useful the Layers Palette is, I'll have done a good deed.

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Death - face

Quick question...

More photoshop related than icons in particular, sorry.

I'm sure there is a way to view the images you have saved as textures in photoshop, if that makes browse through them whilst actually using PS? I'm getting to grips with Photoshop again after a break, and I'm rather confused. I used to have PS7 a while ago and I'm sure I could do this. I now have CS2 and a Mac.

If anyone could help I'd be very grateful, sorry if I haven't phrased this very well :s

power dvd

yes ive read the memories... im trying to do some screen caps from hp4 DVD...ive got the hang of power dvd and its snapshot tool [or "C"]

what i would like to know: right now i pause [space] then cap [c] then forward to the next slide using the arrow over button on the toolbar [or "T"](and ctrl+b if i need to back up] ..sometimes it seems that it forwards too many frames and my images aren't very there any way of changing the # seconds or delay between frames [from where i start to the next frame] so my images are more crisp? [im afraid 'sharpening' them in ps7 will just add some annoyance]

any help = MUCH LOVE!!

-powerDVD, ps7 [eventually]
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