March 16th, 2006

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Brand Spankin' New!

Hi all! I'm new! :P

This is a tutorial i made for class and u can use it for icons too! I used a big picture, but you can use it to make icons too! and they will look nice! The tutorial is for Photoshop CS, but it does work in Photoshop7 too. (i just tested it...)

The link to the page! it's at my official class website... :P

So here are the icon pictures...

The Origional: Image hosting by Photobucket

Sketch Type 1: Image hosting by Photobucket

Sketch Type 2: Image hosting by Photobucket

Yea! Enjoy people! ;P
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Curves Tutorial - In Action

This tutorial covers only using curves to make an icon. This is how I do almost all of my icons, not only is it easy, but all the icons in my previous post were made in less than 3 minutes. If you don't know what curves are/or want to learn more before reading this tutorial, I suggest you check out my Master Guide To Curves NOTE: NOT DIAL UP SAFE!

Today we are going from this: Image hosting by Photobucket to this: Image hosting by Photobucket

Program Used: Photoshop CS, but can be translated to PSP

( right this way! )
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Header Tut

OK, this was made in ImageReady, but you'll be able to transfer it easily. I can't remember the exact numbers I put in for levels, but I'll try to guess (since IR doesn't have adjustment layers).

We'll be making this header:

ImageReady 7
Image Heavy

O V E R  H E R E
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Animation Saving Problems....

I'm trying to make an animation from what i remember from this one tutorial I found here but its not really specific. In Adobe ImageReady I try to save the animation with "Save Optimized as" and it says Because JPEG, PNG, and WBMP do not support animation, ImageReady will save only the current selected frame

HELP ME :D please?
I swear I did animation before and it saved the animation when the pix were in PNG format.
sorry if this has been asked but I do need help ;)

♥ thank you so very kindly ;D
PS: the extension of the files I'm using is .jpg

Edit: found the problem hopefully - saved in PS7 as .psd file then use it in imageready?
lol, what a hassel - thanks though guys ;)
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I feel really dumb asking this and there's probably a simple answer, but on PSP 8, I used my text tool with both colors set to blue, now I want to write text using green and every time I click on the text tool the blue color comes back up and it won't let me change it. Kind of vague I know but if anyone can help, or has had this

Oh, and I tried opening a new document/restarting the program, didn't work.

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Thanks to all who responded to my last question. I have now discovered what Adobe Bridge is for, yay! There is one other thing I can't figure out though, sorry. I don't know if this might just be on Macs...

When Photoshop is open it is just the toolbars, the palettes etc (don't know what they're all called) and my regular desktop in the background. When I had PS7 on a PC it used to be a grey background. The annoying thing is that whenever I click on anything else on the desktop or just on the background, all the Photoshop stuff disappears. This is annoying when I'm trying to browse through images and equally annoying when i just accidentally click somewhere.

Is there any way to fix this so PS just stays visible? I'm on a Powerbook G4 if that makes any difference at all...

Sorry that this is not an icon-specific question :s
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I try not to post here too much, buuuut this is doing my head in, i've messed about with different colours and settings, i've asked the maker, but no luck!

Sooo does anyone know how I'd get the colouring in these icons please?



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Any tips/tutorials for Levels in PS Elements? I've tried using them like curves but when I put in the settings it doesn't look the same. Maybe I'm entering them in the wrong places? Maybe Levels is really different from Curves? It seems the same so...Yes, Any help would be awesome. Thanks.


help ...!! haha i checked the memories [i swears i did!]

anyways..i screencapped so i could make a moving icon [minimovie i supposed you could say]...anyways..

in either PS7 or IR how can i crop the entire all the frames at once so i dont have to worry about it getting all wobbly or sketchy?? [i dont want to have to go through and crop it frame by frame for fear that i wont have the same spot on each frame]

much love.

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Hi. I just made a graphic that needs a transparent background but I only know of .gif that will save graphics with transparancy. All my graphics come out horrible when saved at .gif. Got any tips?

Saved as .gif:
Image hosting by Photobucket

Saved as .png (with "transparent" background):
Image hosting by Photobucket

I'm using PS CS.
And yes, I've checked memories.

ImageReady question

hello. :)
i was reading a tutorial from a while ago on here, and it said somthing about using 'Motion Blur', on ImageReady. I looked, and looked, and I cant find Motion Blur, or where to set it like that, ANYWHERE.

so if anyone could help me with that, i'd love it. thanks. :D

edit: solved!