March 18th, 2006

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hi... i've been looking through the memories, and i don't i've found the answer to my question. i might have missed it though, but does anyone know how to make the text in an animation look like this:


... i'm not really sure on how to explain the effect, but i hope you guys understand what i'm talking about. i want to start off with a basic phrase, have it disappear, and then come back having a different phrase. i've tried making the text disappear like that many times, but it always turned out looking strange. help please?

i use photoshop 7 + image ready btw.

edit!: nevermind! thank you everyone, my question was answered. ^^

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What is the best animation software?
I've always used Animation Shop 3, but it hasn't been working right lately.
Im looking to try something new, so let me know what you use, and whether you like it or not.
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Im sorry. I really hope this isnt a stupid question but I seriously need help with this. Because im seeing it in tutorials all the time now.

What does it mean when it says "2 clicks" how do you do 2 clicks? like do you set in the first set of number push okay and then bring up cruves all over again or what??

see look how it says 2 clicks and then has 2 sets of numbers:

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I'm sorry to be asking this here, but I have no idea where else to turn. Has anyone ever had a problem with getting their text to show up in Photoshop? Normally, when I make an icon and do text, all I have to do is click on the "T" and then type and it shows up. I can't see anything when I do so now, and it's not until I click on that layer that I can even get the layer name to change to what I typed (although the text still does not show up on my icon). Messing with the arrangment of the layers doesn't help; I can bring to front all I want and nothing shows up. The font size is 12, so it's not like that's the cause of the problem. Any ideas on what's wrong?
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Foreign Language Text Trouble

I use Paint Shop Pro 7. I'm positive I've seen other icon-makers who have PSP use foreign text on their icons.

However, when I try to put Japanese text on an icon (through switching the computer's language setting to Japanese mode), it always shows up fine in the text box the first time, but when I click OK, it appears on the icon as random symbols. Is there some option I'm not selecting properly, or is there something else I should be doing for this to work?

Help is very much appreciated. Thank you in advance!
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I've read through the memories, and I can't seem to find what I'm looking for.
Can anyone please tell me how to achieve the effects (glowing text and/or background) in these 2 icons?
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
credit for both icons goes to knifestreet

Oh, I use Photoshop 6, and Image Ready.



I use Adobe Photoshop Cs2 9.0

So i've looked over the memories and i cant figure out how to add borders to my icons.

someone told me to go to select - modify and borders
but im unable to select that...