March 21st, 2006

First tutorial

This is my first tutorial and I’m awfully nervous but this icon got rave reviews and lots of requests to know how I did it so here’s how…hopefully this makes sense. I’m using PSP 8 but I’m fairly certain it will translate to other versions of PSP…dunno about PS because I never use my copy of it.

We’ll be making this icon: Image hosting by Photobucket

Warning, might be considered kinda image-heavy for you dial-uppers.

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Second Tutorial...Francisco Bosch.

This is my second tutorial…featuring the beautiful Francisco Bosch as Bagoas from the movie Alexander. Hope you guys like it!

EDIT: I forgot to mention this was made with PSP 8 and should translate easily to other versions of PSP.

We’ll be making this icon: Image hosting by Photobucket

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Photoshop not opening properly

I knwo this is not strictly an icon question, but its stopping me from making icons and is irritating me something rotten.

Whenever I try and open my photoshop cs it begins to open just fine. It goes through the whole loading plugins... blah blah blah, and then it gets to 'Reading Text Global resources.... Done' and stops. Just stops. When I click to see if its doing anything the screen just goes white and it almost crashes my laptop out.

Does anyone know whats up? 'Cos this is really irritating me.

Edit: Tried defragging, resetting my preferences and simply waiting and nothing worked. SO I reinstalled it. Seems to be ok now. *eyes photoshop suspiciously*

Many thanks ^_^
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Curves (Adjustment Layer PSP)

So, I looked through all the memories but I couldn't find anything specifically on this. I read a tutorial and it said...

Layers > New Adjustment Layer > Curves.
RGB (2 points)
1st - input: 12 output: 2
2nd - input: 92 output: 144

Red (2 points)
1st - input: 1 output: 101
2nd - input: 119 output: 208

Blue (2 points)
1st - input: 1 output: 17
2nd - input: 254 output: 154

Whats with all the "points"? How do I add two points because whenever I click on my curve line it adds one but I never get the right effect or it doesn't look the same as the image as the tutorial shows. Is there a specific way to know where to click or how to get 2 points in the correct place?
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Fun with gradients

Hello. ^^ Lately I've seen a couple of icon tutorials with an emphasis on using lots of gradients, and I loved them. (Here's the two I used: this one by m1ch1ru, and this one by x_ohmyfluff.

My questions are 1) Does anyone know of any other "gradient formula" (as I call them) tutorials like these that they could link me to? and 2) How do you pick combinations of gradients that end up looking really good like that? Is it just experimentation, or are there "rules" about which coloured gradients look best together, etc...?

Thank you! ^^ I hope my requests/questions weren't confusing.
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(no subject)

I'm sorry if this has already been asked BUT:
I use Adope Photoshop 7.0 and I've been looking through a lot of these tutorials and whilst using curves you use negative numbers, and when I try to input these I get a pop-up message syaing that I can only have a value greater than 4, is there some setting I messed up at some point to have it do this? If so how can I fix it. Or is it simply that 7.0 doesn't have as great a curves bit of programming as the rest?
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Two questions..

I have two questions,
1) Can anyone point me in the direction (or tell me how) to make a dotted line.
Yes, I saw the one on the first page. I tried it, and I can't make it work. I also remember seeing one, and have looked through the entries for almost an hour now.
2) Can anyone tell me how to make a ripped look. Or something like having a large area or black or white on the side or top or somehting. (is that confusing?)
edit not so much torn paper, as white kinda airbrushed across a side or bottom of an icon. (is that even more confusing?)
I found this one, but it says "error" and it won't me access its no help

Thank you to anyone that can help me. I will give you a million cookies, and such.

EDIT: I use PS7, but I have PSCS (I just don't use it...)
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Brushes question

I use psp 7 and have psp9
Well i went through all the brush questions and non of them where what i was looking for. I see there are alot on how to download/load brushes but what i need to know is how to use them?? Also how can i use them as frames to??

Here is an example of an icon with it i think.

This icon belongs to elitenobody
Image hosting by Photobucket
I would really like to know how to make icons like that and use brushes & borders. If anyone knows that would be great, if anyone knows where i can learn to that would be great to ^.^ thanks!!

*If anyone replys to this with a question and i dont get back to ya right away i am sorry. Its late here and im heading to bed before my little one wakes up!! thanks ^.^*
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