March 23rd, 2006

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hey guys... sorry if this is too similar but i'm trying to get this effect for my icons:

(made by msroland)

i can't seem to find a tutorial that gives that exact coloring. mine come pretty close but they dont look as good. can anyone point me toward a tutorial that may achieve that coloring??? or let me know how to do it?

thanks so much for any help you can offer!

Vibrant Images

I've recently learned how to do curves and have been experimenting a bit. I came up with a way to brighten up images and make them more vibrant.

Go from This: to This:

I used Photoshop CS2 and I'm sure it's pretty translatable to earlier versions of Photoshop. I imagine it can also be done in other programs, but I'm not sure how.

For this tutorial you should have a basic understanding of curves, adjusment layers, and cropping. This is a short and simple tutorial (8 steps total).

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Curves tutorial

I had some requests on how I was using curves, so I threw together a tutorial. It's not the best icon ever(it is REALLY hard to define what you are doing with curves) I hope it helps someone though.

Tutorial made in Gimp, but I'm sure it's translatable(or I'll make it be lol)

Go from This to using curves!

EDIT: lmao, I'm a fruit. Follow me!

Oh, and I should mention, it's pretty image heavy, so not recommended for slow connections.