March 26th, 2006


PS7 brush outlines - gone!

All right, I love Photoshop 7.0 dearly, but these keyboard shortcuts are going to be the death of me. I think I may have hit something to change some kind of property - and it's bugging me.

normally when I select a brush, a sort of outline facsimile of it appears, allowing me to tell how big it is and where I'm placing it. I hit a key I didn't mean to hit, and now suddenly I'm working blind, with nothing but a crosshairs to guide me. I've got a bunch of files open and I don't want to bother restarting it unless this is a legitimate problem, and not just something I activated with my clumsy fingers.

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I am using Photoshop Elements 4.0 and I started with this program like three days ago...but I can't figure out how to add a mask to the layer. I've gone through this tutorial, but it's for photoshop.
So here's my question. Can I add layer masks in PSE? If so, how?
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Complete LJ header graphic tutorial - PS7

Here goes my first ever graphics tutorial. I hope it's useful! I read the posting guidelines and FAQs forwards, backwards and sideways so I think I'm ok in posting this here, even though it's not technically an icon I'm making.

Today we'll be going from these six pictures:
Serenity * Band walking * AJ and Kev * AJ windblown * AJ and car * AJ looking up

AJ final image which can be seen in use over at ghettogap (I'm in the process of putting that layout up to nab actually)

I used PS7 but I'm quite sure it's translatable to PSP. I have PSP8 but tend not to use it, so I won't be much help with the translation I'm afraid!

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Okay you guys have probably heard this about 10 million times in the
past 2 minutes but where do you guys find your images to make icons? Do you take them yourselves, or get them from a website?
I know about (which isn't much help) and (stock exchange) but I never find what I am looking for.

thanks in advance!

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Im almost positive this has been asked before, but I couldn't find it.

Im relatively new to photoshop - and I have this 750 x 914 image. I want to make it half this size, but I don't know how to. I want to make the 50% image the 100% image, you know? That way I can manipulate it better to my liking and then reduce it to 100x100 easier. Please don't tell me another way to do this: I just want to know how to make it 50% the size. Im using photoshop CS.

Thanks loads,
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I checked the archives, and there was a tutorial, but the pictures are gone so I'm not sure if it's what I'm looking for. I also checked posts that posted multiple tutorial links and back a couple of pages here, and I haven't found anything.

I'm trying to find a tutorial on how to create rounded edges in icons and graphics. I can't figure it out. I know how to use the feather option, but that's not right because it's not's well...feathery. hahh.

So, any steps in the right direction would be kindly appreciated.

Thanks for the help! Explanation and tutorial posted in here. :)

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Call me stupid, i dont care. I'm jsut getting really pissed off.

Could somebody PLEASE tell me where i can go in Photoshop CS2 in the Image Ready thing that you can sharpen the picture? That would help a LOT.
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Converting Brushes to .abr???

I was reviewing this community's memories/faq on brushes but I still have a question.... If you download a brushset and its in imagepack format (PNGs) can you convert it so that its one .abr file? I'd really like to do this but I have no idea how. Is there a tut out there or anyone that can help me?

I want to be able to just drop the .abr file into the Presets/Brush folder for Adope Photo Shop 7... I like that technique instead of the whole "define brush" thing because when I define a brush I can't put them into categories - ie: borders, masks, etc....

Any help? ;D
♥ thank you.
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please help

Animation Shop is being retarded. Everytime I save an image, it won't let me choose options (like the qulity and stuff). This box appears for one second and then it makes he image look crappy. It wasn't like this before...
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We’re going from Image hosting by Photobucket to Image hosting by Photobucket using PS CS using color-layers, curves and color-adjustment.

I wrote this tutorial because i’m quite fond of the result, and so are a few others, and because i found out i combined a few techniques, that some others wrote tutorials about.
So i figured this is the perfect icon to show you what you can achieve when you combine and alter multiple tutorials, instead of just copying one, word by word.

You can find it right here at my icontutorial.

This tutorial is probably not very beginner-friendly, even though i tried to explain every single step (that's also why it ended up looking like a book, sorry about that)
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Converting Photoshop gradients to PSP?

Is there a way to convert photoshop gradient files for use in Paint Shop Pro? I believe the file extension for both is .grd, but they are not interchangable in the programs. I've checked the memories and couldn't find anything...

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[edit:] I have the imagepacks for the files in question, but haven't been able to figure out how to convert the .jpg files into the gradient files. Again, checked the memories, and found nothing.