March 27th, 2006

Dotted Lines in PS CS2

Hi, I searched through the archives and couldn't find anything addressing this.

Could someone please direct me to a tutorial of how to use the pen tool in PS CS2?

If not, could someone please just tell me how to make those swirly dashed/dotted lines... you know the ones I mean, right?

Thank you!

EDIT: Found a tut, thanks to gillymaniac. Thank you!
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Lady Belz

Looking for tut...

I've checked the memories and had no luck.

Does anyone know where I can find a tut to get the following effect...

icon belongs to littlmisspanda

I'm using PSP9 and AS 3.

Thanks to anyone who helps.
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Umm. Is it possible to get this effect out of a normal picture in Photoshop? I use Photoshop CS. If so, how? =/
This is the effect I want: <Image hosting by Photobucket I'm talking about the one on the girl :P

Any help is appreciated =)


My first tutorial o_0

The pictures I used for this are slightly bigger than an icon, but you can easily make this with icon sized bases.
I did mine in PS 7, but I'm sure it'd be pretty easy to transfer.

Learn how to go from

   and      to   

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Classic movie feel tutorial (done in Photoshop CS2)

girlwithagun requested to know how I got "such a classic movie feel to the colouring" in an icon I made for a challenge at bstg_icontest (the icon tied for first in its category.) So, I decided I'd go through my layers and figure out how I did it to share :)

We're going from a not-so-crisp, low light screencapture to an icon with that "classic movie" feel. You might want to try some of these techniques with different kinds of images to see what results you get. Some were inspired by this tutorial by donatello. The idea behind this is that you start with low contrast and without much color range— monochromatic or dichromatic— and get something cool out of it.


Select your base image. I used this capture of Helo from the new Battlestar Galactica miniseries, and found it at (not made by me)— but you can always capture your own if you have the capabilities.

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Okay, I'm working in PHotoshop CS2 and I'm trying to copy and paste an image as a new layer in another image.

I tried the edit>>cut, but you can't click the cut.

I tried ctrl>>C, ctrl>>v but that doesn't work either.

Does anybody know what else to do?

Animation software question!

I was wondering what software is used to make the animated icons of like a movie, where it moves slow? I think they may be refered to as mini movie icons? Like this one (credit to:eclecticicons)

I have PSP X & Animation Shop 3. However I have a hunch you can't get that effect from Animation Shop.

Could somebody clue me in? Thanks!