March 29th, 2006

Kate Sparkle

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Hey all, I've checked the memories and can't find anything that will give me a good answer to my problem.

I just recently got a new MacBook and installed a newer version of Photoshop - CS2. Now, when I save my icons using "save to web" I love a bunch of my color quality. I can't figure out if there's a setting I need to change or what I need to do to preserve the colors in my icons. After I save to web, they all end up looking fairly washed out. If I just flatten the image and go to "save as" *.png I preserve the color quality but end up with an icon that's aroung 80-100kb. Any suggestions?

Examples pics are behind the cut.
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Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

Confused Icon Sizes

I used to save all of my images as .png. I never really paid attention to the file sizes. However, when some users started to complain about cache issues and the icons saving as .bmp’s - I decided to save my icons as .jpg’s instead. Then when I tried to upload the .jpg ones to use - they would not load because the file size was over 40KB. However - my .png files were always over 40KB, one I am currently looking at that works in LJ is 108KB.

Now when I save .jpg’s I use the “save for web” option and my file sizes are smaller, but I lose a lot of colors in the process. But why can I have bigger file sizes for .png and not .jpg?
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Damn, I'm behind on posting the first batch of season two (2x01: Little Green Men). So to make up for it, here is a little tutorial on bringing out light colors in dark icons (requested by lindsay_1986).This tutorial is image heavy, and assumes basic knowledge of curves, layers, and layer settings.


bringing out light colors in dark icons

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Power DVD

Hello. I know these posts are so annoying, but i'm really getting pissed off.

I have Powere DVD and I use it to make caps. It generally works fine, but I have one video which it won't work with.

Here's the details.
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Help! PSP 8 vs. PSP 10

Okay... so, I was having issues with PSP 8 [namely that it kept having "parameter errors" or something to that effect when I tried to move text, and would then quit out of the whole program, so I would have to restart the icon, etc.], so I just decided to switch over to PSP 10, which we've had for awhile now, but which I never bothered to use because I liked PSP 8 just fine.
However, when trying to apply text in PSP 10, I noticed that it was nowhere near as sharp as it had been in PSP 8.

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Corel Photo-Paint 9

I was wondering whether anyone could direct me to tutorials for Corel Photo-Paint 9. My husband seems to have hidden my manuals for it somewhere:(

I would love some general tutorials but my specific problem is with using Background and Objects with seems to be Corel's equivalent of Photoshop's Layer sytem.
Trio saturate

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hey everyone! i just had a question about text that has been bothering me for a long time!

i see so many gorgeous icons with text that is small, yet readable and clear. however, whenever i try to make small nice font, it goes all pixely and yuck. i have tried playing with the anti-alias and AV and sharpening it, but it just doesnt work! i know a few days ago someone posted a similar question, but that question was more how to make any text look good. i would really love to know how to make small text look readable and pretty!
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