March 30th, 2006

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Does anyone know where i can find a text icon tut? an icon that is just text, or even a site where they have text icons - for inspiration... i have an icontest where i have to use only text and i'm so confused!!

any help is greatly appreciated!!!
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question concerning "colorburn"

I have Corel PSP X and whenever I read a tutorial that uses "colorburn" for some layers, I never figure out how to do it. "Colorburn" is not an option on my Layers palette, so I've tried "color" and then "burn", but the image never comes out the way it should. Any suggestions?
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*understanding* color blending and lighting

Hi everyone, I'm new here. I have a question, I did glance thru the memories and didn't see this, but if its there please direct me to it! Anyway, my question is: can someone give me some info about blending in general terms? What I mean is, I know dark blue exclusion layers are common, and that neutral burn layers are as well. But why? There are tons of other blending strategies that I see used often, but I don't really understand *what* they do. I can see the effects they have, but not necessarily the why.

Just to be really clear, let me give an example. I read a tutorial recently (I don't remember whose it was, really sorry!), but they gave a brief explaination in their tutorial. They suggested adding a neutral colored burn layer, and said that it would even out the lighting. Ok. that's getting closer to what I'm asking for. But, what would be even better than that, is *why* does it even out the lighting? I guess I'm curious about "color theory" or whatever you want to call it. I want to know *why* you have a bright red layer set to "color," and why your base is duplicated and set to soft light. Rather than memorizing what combinations do what, I want to understand color and light.

Sorry if this is really complicated and involved! I know I'd probably learn it on my own thru experimentation and reading tutorials eventually, but I can't wait that long! :P Besides, I think a guide like this would be one of the most fantasitc icon making guides ever--and if you are making an icon tutorial and you include a few snips of explaination along the way, that would be great!!!
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Adobe help

I use adobe photoshop 7.0 and was wondering if anyone knew of a way to draw smooth lines. I don't mean straight lines, I mean more of curved lines. So that they aren't lumpy or bumpy when you draw them. I know that's not very descriptive but I don't know how to explain it, assuming there's a setting or something. One that maybe smoothes out lumpy lines (other than the blur tool)? Or if maybe there's one a tool like the curve tool from ms paint?

Icon table generator

For those who hate HTML (or are lazy, like me), I have the icon table generator. 10/1/06 - use this mirror for the time being.

Paste your icon URLS into the window, pick how many icons in a row you want, select the table background color, the font colour (for numbers), hit OK, and the code is there for you to be copied and pasted.

Hope you find this thing useful.
If you run into any errors, let me know!

update; now you can choose where you want the numbers - next to the icons, or under the icons (or above them - added 4/2/06). Yey. Tested, do report any errors.
son of update; now, if you select the "under the icons" or "above the icons" option, you can optionally pick a different background colour for the labels. Once again... report any errors. Tested in Opera 8.52, Firefox, and MSIE 6.0.

I'm planning to add more options - like formatting the numbers, an optional border, stuff.

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The memories aren't working at the moment for me so I was wondering if someone could tell me how to apply gradient to my icons (for Adobe Photoshop 7), or point me in the right direction.