March 31st, 2006

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Tutorial Ze First.

I made a color-correction tutorial for overly blue icons! Done in PSP 8, should be translatable. Requires, I think, basic knowledge of Adustment Layers and stuff, but it's very simple.

We're going from

Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket

In like, 5 steps. I'd love to know what you think/what you got using this tutorial.

At My Icon Journal!
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I checked the FAQs and memories but could not find this. I use PSP 7 and have tried lots of icons that need to be 'desaturated'. I have tried adjusting the saturation but can never pull off the same effect they have (its quite the opposite, actually). How can I desaturate in PSP7? Thank you in advance.


I can't search the memories, so I am terribly sorry if this has already been asked and answered.

How do you do the kind of animation where it's like a slideshow only with two images? (I hope that's clear).

I'm using CS2 and ImageReady.

Thank you infinitely!

I dont remember...

I made this icon a few weeks back and forgot to save what I did to it and now I dont remember. Does anyone have any idea what I could have done to get this coloring? I remember the main idea for the icon was to brighten up the green bushes in the back without making the face to bright. I also know it involved curves but I cant remember what else I did.


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hey alll.

have a bunch of textures downloaded and i have NOTHING to do with them because i dont really know how to use them on icons ): so could you guys point out your favorite tutorials using textures like the ones used here? thanks

i use photoshop (:
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i have a question. how do you adjust the blending modes? (exclusion, color burn, soft light, ect. ) i don't understand how to.

i use photoshop 3.0
i know it's HORRIBLE and OLD as fuck, but i'm totally broke & when i download a better version i don't understand how to set it up. anyways, this is what my workshop looks like..
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I was over at 100x100brushes community and there's all these brushes called "masking brushes" or "masks"...I use PSP 8 and am not familiar with this term. How are these types of brushes used? Directing me to a tut on the subject would be wonderful or, if you feel the need, explain it yourself? I'm very confused and would love to know how to use these brushes as they're very pretty...