April 2nd, 2006


how to reach this effect

helloo. i made this graphic a few days ago in PSP9, and i don't remember how i reached the effect of the blue/green around the rim of the hat, around the face, and such. if it was from a tutorial, i didn't add it to my mems, so it's no help there. i'm not even sure if i found it on my own. i'm pretty stuck. i've been playing around in my PSP for about two hours and i can't remember how i did it. anyone who could help me out, that'd be great.

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I know I recently asked someone about this, but I cannot find where I saved the answer and I can't find it in memories. I don't even know if this will make sense! I want to take this brush/texture thingie (maker unknown..Let me know if you made it and I will credit!!)...
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and make it show up, BLACK. Can someone tell me how to do that??
I tried to apply it as it is, but cannot find a setting that will cover the pic and allow the black to show thru and I was thinking someone told me to invert it and then color it in some way....This barely makes sense to me..so I hope someone can help me...LOL

Thanx to amato_sole & deztripping for their helpful suggestions that I will DEFINITELY use in the future and THANX to twincy for the answer to the problem!
You guys were all great and so fast! I love this community!! I think I will go promote it some :)!!
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Rescaling layers

Using Photoshop CS: Say I made a bunch of layers on a certain scale, and now I want to enlarge all those layers together. How do I do that? Linking them only affects the highlighted layer, and if I merge them I can't seperate them after. Any ideas?


I looked in the memories. Couldn't find anything in Animation, Effects, Misc. Other, or Photoshop - Tips and Tutorials.

How do you make an icon like this: Image hosting by TinyPic

I use PhotoShop Elements 2.0

What? NO! I don't want to make a baby, I want to know how to make the flames shooting out of the baby's eyes!

**I don't know who made the icon, and the person who was using the icon didn't know either so I couldn't ask the icon maker how they made the icon or if their baby has the natural ability to shoot flames out of its eyes =(

EDIT: I googled it and found something I can use! Thanks to all who replied, especially knittinggoddess!
Enjoy the flaming baby! =)
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A question about tools in Photoshop 7

First, I'm using PS7. Now, I'm trying to crop and icon at an angle without distorting the image, and I remember seeing in a tutorial something about "free transforming" images. I'd like to be able to do so with my screencap before cropping it, but I can't find any such tool. I selected all of the image so it had a marquee around it and tried the "Select >> Transform" but was unsucessful. Can someone direct me to which tool I should use and where it is?

I did check the memories for this, but all the cropping or tools related posts weren't helpful. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! :)

[EDIT:] Question answered! Thanks!
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How could I achieve this really Bright Effects on black and white comic images?
Link to tutorials are helpful. <3

Actually Any tutorials with Black and white comic images are helpful.
And by that I mean starting with a base like so:

Cheryl Cole

My first tutorial

This is my very first tutorial so feedback is welcomed. I made this icon a couple of days ago and liked the outcome so I thought you guys might like to try it. I use PSPX but I should think it will be translatable to other programs.

We will be going from to

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Blend Mode Tutorial

I decided to make a tutorial about blend modes and what different colors do when set to different blend modes. This is mostly to show the effect on skin, so I chose a good base image with a lot of skin and a white background. (Evangeline Lilly from Lost-Media)

Here is an example of some of the coloring in the tutorial:

Click the picture for the fake cut LINK to the tutorial.
!WARNING! This is VERY image-heavy! There are more than 300 pictures included. Not for people on dial-up.
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PSP using textures/gradients

I've searched through the memories, and I couldn't find a detailed tutorial on using textures and gradients for Paint Shop Pro X. Anybody mind walking me through it? I'd be really greatful. :) What I mean by using them is when I have them in PSPX, how do I make them as a backround? Been trying to figure it out for ages. Thanks. &hearts
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German words...

I hope someone can help me!!
I'm from germany and there are some words you use in your tutorials that I can't translate into german and use for Photoshop 7...
I'd love to have a translation to improve on my icon creating skills.
Here are the words/phrases I mean:

1) Color Burn

2) Linear Burn

3) Saturation

4) Pin Light

5) Screen

Maybe it's just "stupid me" again, but help would be appreciated!!
THX so much in advance!! ♥hugs♥