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I am new to using any kind of photoshop/digital retouching program and I just got PS7. I was attempting to make the icon that was posted yesterday by kales731 and I can't get past the step after filling in the color. I get here
Image hosting by Photobucket and after that I don't understand the instructions enough. The steps say to desaturate but the menu grayed out the desaturation feature and won't allow me to us it. I am also having some other problems that I can't quite explain. If anybody can help me here or would rather contact me and help me go through step-by-step, you can contact me through

AIM - MalefacentMalfoy

YAHOO and MSN - ms_caramel14@yahoo.com
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PS 7.0

I recently formatted my computer and lost all my brushes and gradients and all that jazz. If anyone could recommend some places that'd be fabulous!

Also, I know this has been posted before but how does one get rid of the little grey x in the top left corner of all images after you use the slice tool once... If I remember correctly it's retardedly easy....
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This is my very first tutorial, so feedback is great. I made the icon for this tutorial just today and I loved how it turned out and decided to make a tutorial for it. The tutorial is easy and quick. :)

We'll be going from this:  to this:

I'm using Photoshop 7. I'm not sure if the tutorial is translatable, but I think it is. :)

(Click HERE for the tutorial....)

forgive me...

Forgive me for er, going off-topic but can anyone help me with my Photoshop CS 'Select Colour' box thing?

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If anyone could help me somehow bring that down I'd be forever grateful 'cause I can't really pick colours like that.

Questions about PSP X

If this post is not acceptable, please delete. I've been avoiding asking questions until I was absolutely sure I'd gone through the memories thoroughly. I think my question wasn't covered in there, so I'm gonna go ahead and ask.

I just downloaded a free trial of PSP X. I ordered a copy, but I wanted to play a little bit, so...free trial. I'm new at making icons and PSP X is a little more confusing than I thought it would be and I am completely lost.

Couple of Problems I've been having:

-Icons come out too dark, no matter how much I've brightened and contrasted the hell out of them. They look fine in PSP, but then I try them out on LJ and...too dark.

-I'm having troubles with layers. Anything having to do with layers.

I understand that there is a help section with PSP X, but as I said before, this is all new to me. Anyone that can help, or at least point me in the direction of other resources, would make my day.

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Why is it that when I try resizing my pictures to 100 x 100 pixels, which I believe is LJ's size requirement for icons, the picture gets smooshed? How can I resize it properly without cropping the hell out of it?

Thank you!

Paper-textured header

Create a header like this.

Made in Photoshop CS, I'm sure it's translatable.
Must know basic techniques of layers, blending modes, and how to use mask brushes. (Go here to learn how.)
All resources can be tracked down through my resource post here.

Please, use this tutorial as a guide, and not an instruction manual. The header is not up for grabs. I made it for personal use. Request graphics at a_long_february if you like my graphics! Thanks!

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