April 8th, 2006

Quick tutorial.

Using Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7, I created these icons and this tutorial by carefully monitoring my steps. The brushes, gradients, et al are not mine and if they are yours but left uncredited, please accept my apologies, leave a note and I will add credit to the post :) The text is a joke between my brother & I about a marshmallow film (don't ask ;)) and the cap is from this website of a show called Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar. There aren't many things you'll find different to other tutorials here except a couple of handy shortcuts perhaps.

How to go from this:

To this:

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I would look this up, but I don't know what it would be under and unfortunatly I don't have any examples, but maybe you guys could help me out. I use PSPX.

How do you make certain parts of an icon in color when the rest is in black in white?

Thanks ♥
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I'm sorry for asking this or sounding stupid but I would like to know where do you fill the color in for layers? that's my only problem I need help in..someone please help or show with pictures I'm a lil slow.

I use PSP 7 and 8

I followed all these step 5 is where I'm lost at.
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Can anyone help me with doing an icon like this (from padabee)? ---> More specifically the white outline around Liv Tyler?

I use PSP X currently. I understand that in PS you can do a drop shadow effect and get this but I'm not sure how to do it in PSP. Any help would be grand! Thanks in advance!
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I use PSP8 and I was wondering how I can slant my text without having it get blurry like this:

It doesn't look so blurry in that picture, but it gets a lot more blurry with smaller text.

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Does someone know how i can make an icon like those icons?:
  by noxcinderella

I already asked her, but she has PSP and i have Photoshop CS2

she said she make it like that (in PSP)
add a burned blue and pink layer and then soft light pink
and mulltiply brown layer at the end

Does someone know how i can make it in PS CC2?

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In just a few easy steps :) It looks long but that's really cause I'm making the steps short. I'm using PSP8 but this should be easily translatable into PS or an earlier or later version of PSP. There are about five 100x100 images on the page with the actual tutorial, so I think it'll be alright for the dail up users. 

This is my first tutorial so hopefully it passes inspection :D

The tutorial is over at my journal. Here's the link: http://iconetra.livejournal.com/604.html.
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