April 9th, 2006


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This time we will be coloring and making a pretty nature icon, but I guess that you could use this coloring for any other icon as well =] We are making this icon in PSP8, but it should be easily translatable to any other version of Photoshop or PSP. 

Dail up users may want to be careful, it's not image heavy but incase you wanted to be on the safe side..

Remember that tutorials are just guidelines.



The tutorial is over at my journal =] Here's the link: http://iconetra.livejournal.com/1006.html.
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Jimmy Jacobs Tutorial

Okies, this tut was by request by my good friend Melissa, so I’m gonna try and recreate the icon she wanted…we’ll see how it goes since I made that one pretty much just playing around with gradients and such.

We’ll be making this icon: Image hosting by Photobucket

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Odd Saving Problem in IR

This is the second (maybe third?) time this has happened to me while using ImageReady (IR), and while it's not that big of a nuisance it is getting tedious for me to have to wonder why I can't upload my icons to an image hosting website like ImageShack or Photobucket. :/

See, I had just finished creating an animated icon based on my favorite scene from the first episode of the Nana anime, which looks like this...

Feel free to take this icon with commenting and crediting me, thanks. ^^

Anyways, when I tried to upload it to ImageShack the site wouldn't take the icon and kept giving me an error message saying it still needed to browse my computer for the image I wanted to upload. That confused me because I could access the icon while it was sitting on my desktop. That's when I checked its properties by right-clicking it, and I was surprised to see its file size was zero bytes. I can see my icon, watch the animation in my icon, drag it across my desktop, do anything with it - but according to ImageShack my icon simply didn't exist on my computer. :O

So I'm asking if there's a way I can check or fix IR to where it doesn't do something like this again. I can already fix the problem by simply re-saving the animated icon under a differnt file name, but like I said above it's tedious to have to constantly check that now before I try uploading my icons to ImageShack or somewhere else online.

Any ideas?
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I have a picture that I would like to use for an icon, but the picture is really dark. I tried playing around with brightness/contrast and screen layers and stuff, but it makes the picture look really washed out. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I could make the image lighter without it getting washed out?
This is the picture:

You can't see anything because it's so dark...
Thanks in advance!

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Hey everyone! Now we're going to create this lovely Mary Kate & Ashley icon:

from this:

Once again I am using PSP8 to make this so it should be easily translatable, and a basic knowledge of your program is advisable =] 

Dial up users are safe on this tutorial, I've got only a few images!

The tutorial is over at my journal. Here's a quick link: http://iconetra.livejournal.com/1100.html. ENJOY ;D

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The-Gigantic-Photoshop-Coloring-Tutorial-I've-Been-Meaning-To-Write-For-Months, a.k.a. let's see if I can make my photobucket account cry like a little girl.

Using this tutorial, I will show how I turn a black and white manga image into a colored image.

WARNING: This tutorial contains several large images, so dial-up users be ware.
full images and tutorial behind the cut
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Mini-movies in ImageReady

This is probably going to be a very annoying post, but I checked the memories and didn't find anyone explaining this problem. I hope you guys won't hate me too much!

So, I wanted to make a mini-movie in ImageReady, and I checked the tutorials. What I'm supposed to do is simply open the video file in IR but... it won't open? I mean, no movie files will actually open in IR for me, I get an error message stating that it can't read the document.

I tried with different types of files and converted some aswell, but it just won't work. No document is readable... could someone explain what I am doing wrong?
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Coloring with Curves! :)

Many of my recent icons (at inyourpants_) have had some pretty nifty coloring, which I've mostly attained by using the curves feature on Photoshop. Since so many of you like the coloring, though, I decided to make a tutorial for you guys. Hope it's helpful!

What we'll be making

This icon features Lucy Liu and Josh Hartnett from the film Lucky Number Slevin, and this tutorial is made for Adobe Photoshop, versions 6 and up. :)

( follow the fake cut! )

If you like my icons or this tutorial, please note that you are free to add my icon journal (inyourpants_) to your flist. Thanks and enjoy! :)

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This is a little off-topic (but still pertains to icons), but please delete this entry if it is inappropriate.

I'm having trouble uploading some icons to Photobucket. I've never encountered this problem before. When I tried to upload a bunch of icons named:
and so forth,
to a subfolder named "Parabiosis",
I keep getting a message that says there are already icons saved with the same names. But I checked and rechecked. There are no icons with the same filenames.

I even tried uploading them in different subfolders, but the message still comes up, saying that there are already icons saved with the same name.

I checked my account, and it is not full.

I successfully uploaded different icons in different folders.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what might be wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Fixed! Thank you everyone!